Caused self-representation with educational designs

A youngly published scientific examination on the operators of private homepages were rather banal findings

Owners of private websites are on average rather shakers, well educated, 20 to 40 years old and a variety of. This is the rather barren result of an investigation entitled "self-actor or people like you and me?", whose results were shortly presented to the openness. A research group of tu chemnitz has examined the question of which homepages serve and who are people who use time and energy to produce themselves with this medium. After the content of private homepages was not asked. Rather, researchers went around the question of who conducts why a web appearance and as he presents himself in his self-created cyber-reich.

It was because scientific investigations on the internet internet in germany are more dunnate? Was it on the cutting explosive of the topic "why does someone craft a homepage"? Or was it just on the summer hole, in which (not only) the online media use every topic to stuff the gathering gaping message hole? It was probably due to the handy formulated press recognition of the tu chemnitz (short-mentioned disclosures on the internet) that said homepage bencher examination for two days may not be a topic nr. 1, but in every online medium like to be confused. Anyway, it can hardly have been located at the results of the study. Because they are – with foliage – banal.

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So many unknown women desire me

The mail as invitation and trap

I’m still trying to figure out why i seem to have become the most sought-after man in the world in the last few weeks. Many women want to get to know me, but do not dare to contact me directly. With some i had obviously already contact, therefore i should announce myself again times and send already times horny pit. Some have put nice photos of themselves or us in the net, which i should look at absolutely.

Already for weeks the messages in my email box formally straighten me up. I’m more in demand than i have been for a long time, so i don’t bother to pull in my belly when i’m walking or riding the subway. Above all, it is noticeable that many women are still quite shuchtern, because they have seen me somewhere and want to contact me by email way.

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Multi-factor authentication: privacyidea in version 3.4 released

Multi-factor authentication: Privacyidea released in version 3.4

As part of the new version 3.4 netknights expands its privacyidea, a free software for multi-factor authentication in companies.

With a new function, a user can be requested from a user after a first successful identity proof of a second or on request several further inputs of a factor. This can be used for example if the guidelines require a new pin after a certain time. This can be set in this way directly when the login process.

Version 3.4 includes a new sms provider script, with which companies can send messages. Primar is this intended for sms services that work on ubers web, but other programs can be used as the in-house jabber server. Furthermore, the project has expanded the http sms provider, with which the header is now adapting to its own wunch.

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G7: lots of larm by nothing

The g7 summit of the foreign minister in lubeck went completely unspectacular over the bean – and could not be discussed

Days before the start of the g7 ministerskin meeting in lubeck last tuesday and wednesday, thousands of police officers were stationed in the hanseatic city. But the rawls summoned by the media remained out of: 16 arrests, 11 in-grade amptions as well as some ads are the result of the two action days, according to police. All those affected were released again on wednesday. Cost point for this police use with the code name "seven teas": ca. 4.6 million euros. The organizers of protests against the g7 summit were ultimately satisfied with the resonance of the protests, but complain "significant police brutality".

G7: lots of larm by nothing

Coarse police facility for expensive and overflow speed dating. Image: block g7

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Sustainability: environment ministry wants to save the climate with ki

Sustainability: Environment Ministry wants to save the climate with Ki

The federal ministry of environment has published a funf point program with which it focuses on environmentally friendly and non-wealth-oriented artificial intelligence (ki). Within the framework of the federal government’s billion-german ki strategy, the department is available for the amount of 150 million euros to 2025 150 million euros.

Pro and contra from the point of view of the federal environment minister

"With ki we can, simply said, analyze rough amounts of data and thus recognize patterns, trends and errors and predictions", explained federal environment minister svenja schulze. This uses the environment on a very concrete way about "when switching our energy supply to solar and wind power". Environmental disasters could be better predicted with ki.

In parallel, the spd politician wants "also ocological dark sides of the ki in the view" to take. Not only the billions of calculations on high-performance processors who awarded ki systems their skills, "devour a lot of energy". This also applies "for transport and storage of the huge amounts of data".

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The rough blue blink box

"Blinking" in demolition disk construction

Light games are very popular these days. Suitable for the season was also furnished in the center of magdeburg a festive house lighting. However, you can program yourself.

The rough blue blink box

Real socialist palace architecture: the "blue bock" in magdeburg

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Bf performance builds lamborghini gallardo lp 560-4

Bf performance builds lamborghini gallardo lp 560-4

Train (switzerland), 18. Marz 2010 – both the open and closed version of the lamborghini gallardo lp 560-4 transforms bf performance into the gt600. The tuning vehicle is clearly visible on the new aerodynamic packet, which is completely made of lightweight carbon fiber composite material. In front, the voluminous air intake of the specially developed front spoiler fall on, whose optics are based on lamborghinis topmodell reventon.

Tail diffuser made of carbon

A good underbody aerodynamics should offer the side skirts and the rear diffuser. Both are also made of carbon. For additional output, a pretty edged creature carbon tailflight. More individualitat generate the shear keys, the lamborghini ex works the models with 12-cylinder motors reservation.

Umrustung on rear wheel drive

Even on the power screw, the swiss tuner want to turn, but betray no technical data so far. According to bf performance, the gt600 was at a race against the most powerful lamborghini murcielago lp640-4 sv on the sachsenring at least 0.6 seconds earlier in the target. On customer request, the vehicle can also be reversed by all-wheelly on pure rear wheel drive. So the gt600 combines the exclusive feature of gallardo lp550-2 "valentino balboni" with the increased performance. The new drive concept and the weight saving of 43 kg should further improve the driving experience. Optionally, a creator brake system is obvious. Fur inside are sports bowl seats, funf point straps and a surprising chaffy as well as carbon applications in different colors. Prices have not announced the vereder.

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Versatile: new navi in peugeot 207

Versatile: new navi in peugeot 207

Saarbrucken, 22. November 2007 – from now on all variants of the peugeot 207 from the equipment "sport" on request with the navigation and telematics system rt4 conservation. The system has a 30 gigabyte rough hard drive on which the map material is stored for about 35 european countries. The system combines four different applications: audio and multimedia functions for up to 180 hours of music enjoyment, an integrated telephone with hands-free system, emergency service with location determination and a dynamic route management with traffic control. All applications are displayed on a seven inch color screen in format 16: 9 and 3d display.

Telematics function with emergency call

An important feature of the rt4 navis is the telematics function with automatic emergency call and breakdown aid. With this service, which is capitalized after the conclusion of a free treaty, articles of eu requirements are required to provide electronically controlled emergency call systems in new cars from 2010. After automatic activation, for example at airbag round or manual response, a connection to the service center is established. Then the vehicle data is transmitted via sms. At the same time, the vehicle is localized by the integrated gps system.

Even breakdown aid possible

Even in the case of a breakdown, the rt4 system can help: the betachung the "lowen" button on the device creates a telephone connection with peugeot assistance and determines the location of the liberated cars around the clock. The service is currently available free of charge and temporally offered for germany, france, spain, italy, belgium and luxembourg. Nice detail: no matter which country is the customer, he always gets support in his home language. The new rt4 is as extra for the sports and platinum variant of the 207 from 2150 euro, in platinum is the price of 2510 euro the combination with a sound system of jbl possible.

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Kali linux 2021.2: new version with kaboxer and kali-tweaks as highlights

Kali Linux 2021.2: New version with Kaboxer and Kali-Tweaks as highlights

According to the cali linux, quarter-year update rythm, the developers published a new version of debian-based linux distribution last tuesday. Kali linux 2021.1 includes two completely new features: the kali applications boxer (kaboxer) as a container-based solution for uncomplicated exports of heavily packaging applications as well as kali-tweaks, which is designed to help users configure the system according to their preferences. In addition, including a few new tools and fine-touching at the optics.

Kali linux is aimed primarily on an it security affinity and brings for this a large selection of pre-installed tools for vulnerability analysis and forensics. The strongest competitor is the linux distribution parrot os, the end marz 2021 on version 4.11 has been updated.

Kaboxer and kali-tweaks

The command-line tool kaboxer should help to integrate such tools in kali, which, for example due to complicated dependencies or outdated program libraries, can not be easily packed.

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Google: android security now very easy – with forced play services

Google: Android security now very easy - with forced play services

Under the name android enterprise essentials, google offers a new service for mobile device management (mdm), which is explicitly directed to small and medium-sized enterprises (smes). With three key specifications, administrators should ensure the safety of the smartphones used in the company.

On the one hand, a locking screen and a closure of the data stored on the mobile device can be described in the distance. In this way, companies should be internal information before access by third parties. Furthermore, system administrators can enable the activation of play protect – google’s consolidated security services for android – and only allow the installation of applications from the play store. In a row, companies should not worry about malware.

All corporate data from smartphones remotely delete, if the user has lost the device for example or stolen it. On all these functions administrators can access without an additional configuration of the android clients. The android enterprise essentials from the 26 should be available. January 2021 stands out how to emerge from the envision. For the price google is still welcoming, speaks only by for smes affordable costs.

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