Visual studio code 1.58 creating terminals in the editor area

Visual Studio Code 1.58 Creating Terminals in the Editor Area

The developer team responsible for the sourcecode editor has version 1.58 by visual studio code (vs code). In the june update, the possibility to create terminals in the editor or move them to the editor area. The developer team also expands the settings for the engraved mode for potentially non-trusted code.

Create and move terminals in the editor

The june update allows you to create and move terminals in or in the editor area. This results in the possibility of a multi-dimensional grid layout, which remains independent of the panel state (panel state) and is visible.

For the use of terminals in the editor area, there are several options: developers can use the command create terminal in editor area use to create. By drag-and-drop, a terminal can be dragged from the tab list to the editor. In addition, developers can command move terminal into editor area exports during a terminal is focused. Furthermore, the context menu of the tabs terminal offers the option move into editor area. In addition, the update offers the settings with terminal.Integrated.Defaultlocation to set the editor so that newly created terminals are directed by standard in the editor area.

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India: smog alters consciousness

India: smog changes consciousness

In this part of the world, the materially poor like to warm themselves on plastic fires. Photo: gilbert kolonko

With a purchase premium of up to 700 euros for a new car, 26 million vehicles older than 11 years are to be taken off the road

Actually everything was in the indian delhi as always around this season. Plastic gauze was burned in the streets. On the fields of the surrounding province punjab the stubble fields were burned with rough fires. The religious festival of divali was celebrated with (too) many fireworks, and the cooler night temperatures caused the fine dust-laden air to settle over the metropolis of 17 million inhabitants – plus the usual exhaust fumes from 9 million motorized vehicles (including about 3 million cars).

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With strong immigration everything will be better

With strong immigration everything will be better

Graphic: iw

Apparently, the fear of rising foreign futility is concerned in the economy, the institute of the german economy now makes advertising with a report

The institute of german economics koln (iw) pushes against the debate on poverty immigration from the csu, above all from romania and bulgaria, the foreignlander. With a report, the institute wants to prove with 12 grunden, which speaks for another immigration and why germany the "welcome" strong should, as agreed in the coalition agreement.

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Dispute over the app store: us court rejects monopoly suit against apple

Dispute over the App Store: US court rejects monopoly suit against Apple

Heavy pre-yields of a mail app provider against apple extend in the sand: a us court has apple’s request for rejecting the action in which the iphone group is accused of the obstruction of competitors in the app store, in several points. The company blix, provider of the e-mail client bluemail, have neither direct nor indirect evidence for apple’s monopolic power can be made, the court succeeded.

No evidence for monopoly abuse

Blix have the accusation that apple "high prices" for his devices and apps demand, do not underpin, the judge writes in the burial (blix vs. Apple, file number 1: 19-cv-01869, united states district court for the district of delaware). Also be the app provider "figures" probably remained that apple "vetometer" uber apps ultimately limit. Blix has also failed to define a market in which apple allegedly has a monopoly and how the group was exploited there his market power.

Blix ‘had described in the lawsuit that the e-mail client on "multiple platforms" and also succeeded in the app store, so the judge continues – the demonstration that apple’s mac app store has not been decisive for success – and not as "essential decor" be classified. Unlike ios apps, mac apps can also be distributed outside apple’s app store.

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Blind spot detection: valeo system for buick and cadillac

Blind spot detection: valeo system for buick and cadillac

Paris (france), 16. July 2007 – one sets the turn signal to change the trail, looks shortly over the shoulder and crucially crashes: but there was another car flash-fast behind a pushed, which you almost looked over. Such events and inflates should avoid radar-scanned dead angle assistants. Now general motors leads such a blind spot detection on models of cadillac and buick. The system of valeo raytheon warns of vehicles in the dead angle and facilitates the lane change. There should be on the market in the us and europe in 2007. In which models the introduction is done, valeo does not share with.

Especially pracisis by several radarundles

The valeo system calculates the position, distance and direction of travel from vehicles that move to adjacent lanes. It warns the driver with a symbol in the outdoor mirror before a potential accident. The system is based on radar sensors that are attached to the left and right behind the tailpiece. Since the device works with several narrow radar breadlines, it can determine the position and speed of the car in the dead angle especially pracisise, so valeo. The technique should work in any weather.

More and more totwinkel-warner

Totwinkel-warner like that of valeo conquerly conquer more and more vehicles. Volvo and audi already offer the like, and mercedes will soon be on the market. To align the audi q7 with the "side assist", you pay 565 euros. At the volvo s80, the blind spot information system costs at least 620 euros.

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Hiroshima, 24. November 2014 – mazda is on the thailand international motor expo 2014 (30. November to 10. December) as a new version of his new 2 the sedan. With the model, the mazda since 2007 especially for the chinese market at the chang’an ford mazda automobile in nanjing, the new limousine has nothing to do.

Effective optical effect

This step-bearing variant of the small car is probably a pure expansion of the body spectrum for the market in which jarrier cars are not fully taken from all customers. The rear window is not as steep as the cabinet and also dispenses on the roof edge spoiler, with a surprisingly effective optical effect. She ends in front of a quite highly attached flap, which carries a spoiler on her tear-off edge. He migrates so certainly from the roof edge to the rear lid edge, which appears from aerodynamic point of view quite comprehensible. Below the jerk lights the license plate is attached, which has its place at the stobfang at the hatchback. Shape and location of the jerk lights have also changed in this operation, with the limousine, their upper edges are slightly lower. In addition, the sedan carries his reflectors in the stobfang. The trunk lid falls much smaller because its hinges are below the rear window.

How rough the gain on trunk volume drops off, mazda has justified as well as further mabe and weights. Much could not have been changed. This is good news for the proportions, because the mazda2 sedan on the basis of the 14 centimeter short process model was all too thermalized, which was practically but by no means more elegant.

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Google news showcase now displays selected paid content for free

Google News Showcase now displays selected Paid Content for free

The newsportal news showcase launched in germany and brazil first extends google for messages that are behind an payment closet. In addition, the app is now also available for ios devices and on the web.

Examined contents, which are set by publishers behind an payment binding, google kunftig licenses, so pay the publishers a contribution, and then offers them freely accessible for users of the news showcase. However, these have to register with the message portal itself. Of that, google hopes that the publishers can build a relationship with the readers, it is called in the blog post.

The items displayed in news showcase are selected by the editors. Users can then follow individual media and get from them selected news as well as relevant news of the day in a newsfeed, who is "to you" is called. Nevertheless, there is an overview with suggest to discover new news. News showcase is part of the google news initiative to serve the quality arance in journalism.

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