Eu digital ministers want to ground european cloud federation

EU digital ministers want to ground European Cloud Federation

The european digital and telecommunication ministers want to make europe an international transshipment location for data processing. For this, at a virtual meeting under the direction of federal minister of economic minister peter altmaier (cdu), the ministers have been pronounced on thursday for the constituence of a european cloud codation. Of the 27 eu member states signed on thursday 25 countries the joint explanation.

Altmaier said, the representatives of the two missing landers – cyprus and danemark – had to vote the explanation before signing in the home country. The eu reacts to a rough technical paradigm shift of recent years. Many companies and organizations store computer computing services, data stores and databases as well as applications for analysis of data via the internet in the "cloud" the end.

Eu poorly situated in global competition

In global competition, however, the eu has little to oppose cloud providers from the us and china. With amazon (aws), microsoft (azure) and google come three of the four world-growing suppliers from the united states. From china, alibaba also tries to convert his dominant position on the domestic market into an export success.

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Animal users, criminals or deputies?

After months of controversial pre-trial detention, a group of austrian animal rights activists have now been released

On the order of the chief public prosecutor’s office, the pre-trial detention against some austrian animal users was lifted after 110 days. They had been arrested on the basis of the so-called anti-mafia paragraph 278a of the austrian penal code, which was sharply criticized by a number of politicians, ngos, lawyers and some media outlets. Because the smell of the police and judiciary willkur sticks to the thing. Two persons concerned could make people sit up and take notice again after the upcoming national council elections in a different capacity and perhaps keep up a discussion about the actual meaning of the paragraph and its correct application – because the grunen put them up as independent candidates.

At the end of may, i.E. About three months ago, ten austrian animal users were remanded in custody. A night and fog action, as those concerned reported. Clubs and apartments were ransacked, computers confiscated. The accusation: suspicion of the formation of a criminal organization after the 278a stgb. What the animal rights activists were actually accused of, on the other hand, remained largely unclear.

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No for the onkomaus

The harvard patent on the "mouse" stay with restrictions

As in 1992 the european patent office (epa) in munchen the "mouse" patented, the waves of the emport hit particularly high. The critics of the "life industry" the patent ep 169672 appeared as a monstrous because life was degraded to the technical product. To date, the patent of the us harvard university in cambridge for the transgenic suction animal was compressed. Against this patent, more than 100 organizations (federal association of animal experiments, people for animal rights), individuals and the state of hesse a total of 17 collection defects in front of the epo, which has not been decided to date today. After a changeful procedural history, the patent, which remained effective in the meantime, is now renegotiated from the opposition department of the epo.

In 1995, the first opposition negotiation against the patent endlessly ended, because the opposition drivers against the change of change of the chamber protested to the patent. This had been doubted by the opponents as not just maby. The chamber had then ended the macaway negotiation and continued the procedure in writing. By creating in the opposition department and eu amendments, the opposition proceedings had to be completely renegotiated.

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Baghdad connection

The baghdad train should stabilize the ottoman empire and expand the influence of the german reich

After the story of baghdad published the faz on 16.3.2004 the "atlas of accessibility": a card marked a flebing connection from berlin to baghdad. Schirrmacher texted mine: "the horizon of the new world order is no longer nailed with boards." a berlin exhibition to the history of "baghdad" now reminds that the dream of the baghdad connection is neither new, nor so unproblematic, as some showed a april 2003.

Baghdad Connection

It should be a brucke, which associate the different worlds of the ottoman empire with each other: the "baghdad", which was created as a railway line between istanbul and baghdad. At that time, baghdad presented an outdoor post of the ottoman empire in the arab region and could be used beyond the starting point for further expansions.

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