Baden-wurttemberg: computer scientist warn against microsoft 365 at schools

Baden-Wurttemberg: Computer scientist warn against Microsoft 365 at schools

The teacher section in company for computer science (gi) refers to the transit from the baden-wurttemberg cultural ministry for commercial solutions such as microsoft office 365 in the planned education platform as "gross". This was on "all areas" affect such as privacy, democracy education in the digital area, methodology and didactics as well "unity, openness and collaboration".

Open source platform moodle

"It is very important to us that the excellent infrastructure in baden-wurttemberg’s schools will be preserved on an open source basis", constates the body in a now unaval position paper. "Center of a digital school should always be a learning management system really a learning management system." with the already used open source platform moodle, this is available – "including open standards and interoperability".

For the teacher’s group is also questionable, "whether our continuing education and collaboration structures were able to cope with the parallel operation of several systems". Certainly, an additional platform makes sense only if this "an open export and replacement of the produced materials" reliable support. For moodle with the associated video conferencing system big blue button is that "today and in the future the case", for proprietary systems such as those of microsoft "usually not".

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Project “sun valley”: microsoft should plan coarse ui-refresh for windows 10

Project'sun valley': microsofts soll groberes ui-refresh fur windows 10 planen'sun valley': microsofts soll groberes ui-refresh fur windows 10 planen

A job ad scheduled by microsoft at the beginning of the year 2021, in which a senior software engineer for the windows core user experiences team has been searching for the latest year’s reconciliation of the windows 10-user interface new food since last year.

In the origin catching the now changed job advertisement, it strolled that the engineer in question with microsoft’s platform, surface and oem partners should work on it, one "comprehensive visual rejuvenation" to lead the way from windows. The review should signal microsoft’s customers that windows "be back" and customers in comparison to the competition the best user experience pour.

Some us media interpret these formulations as "official confirmation" for a scheduled review of the windows 10 user interface. In fact, microsoft has become possible reconstruction seals, insiders internally under the project name "sun valley" run, but so far but not upty.

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New ix tutorial: azure stack hci

New IX Tutorial: Azure Stack HCI

If you are looking for a performance and at the same time not too expensive hyperconvergent infrastructure furs data center, microsoft’s azure stack hci should look closer out. A new tutorial of the current september-ix explains how companies can exhibit their classic 3-animal architecture.

The first part of the tutorial is based on the basics: azure stack hci compiles hyper-v, storage spaces direct and software-defined networking, which runs on certified hardware. Under the hood, the server 2019 datacenter edition can be found as operating system. Storage and clusters can be configured according to their own requires.

For system administration, microsoft’s windows admin center or powershell are used. However, a service contract is also available for support. Furthermore, microsoft also offers version 20h2 from the fall of 2020. It enforces a connection to the azure cloud and can be fully managed via the azure portal. However, the classic edition is not written off: even without cloud compulsion, you receive support by 2029.

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Microsoft: to the javascript page, here is power fx with more powerful excel help

Microsoft: To the JavaScript page, here is Power FX with more powerful Excel Help

A new programming language called power fx has presented microsoft to his home trade show ignite. It is a free low code tool that does not focus on classic developers, but regular office users. And the latter witness, because power fx is based on excel.

Specifically, it uses the same syntax as excel, with which many users have already been familiarized and with which they could still write complicated applications than with simple drag-drop tools. At the start, canvas apps can be created, but microsoft plans to extend the language to other areas of the power platform – including dataverse, power automate and power virtual agents.

Microsoft: To the JavaScript page, here is Power FX with more powerful Excel Help

The necessary code of power fx and javascript in comparison.

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Problems with microsoft outlook: june patches disturbed pst files

Problems with Microsoft Outlook: June Patches Disturbed PST files

The heise editorship has been contacted by a reader, which reports by a striking problem, which now reports some people: with outlook 2016 open, only the repair of data files is offered. The attempt to set up a new outlook profile with new data files shows no effect. The reader writes: "we could find the problem with customers with exchange / o365 accounts and at a customer with pop3 mailfachers."

The author of this article was also known to the problem because it got information from us bloggers. First messages in the forum of askwoody.Com show that it gets wide. Also in the microsoft answers forum can be found in descriptions of the error image.

In all cases outlook refuses to start because of the damaged pst file. The attempt to repair outlook on the internal functions does not help any further. Currently it is unclear whether the problem is drawn in outlook through a windows or an office update of june 2020. The author is known only in outlook 2016.

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