Apple’s fruher hardware boss allegedly focused on ar and vr

Apple's Fruher Hardware Boss allegedly focused on AR and VR

Apple apparently gives gas in virtual reality (vr) and augmented reality (ar). After the group announced at the end of january, that dan riccio, long-term senior vice president (svp) of hardware engineering, leaving his item to itself "concentrate on a new project [to]", first, blorts unclear what he does. Now it is called in a new report that riccio, who is considered a familiar of apple boss tim cook, will work on apple’s headset project.

Expede headset in the pipeline

This writes the financial news agency bloomberg. Apple should plan the introduction of a 3000 us dollar expensive mixed-reality device. It is allegedly outlined with two 8k displays and use more than 12 cameras to capture the environment as well as hand movements, won it a few days ago in a media report. The headset consist of a curved visor and put on a net fabric in the eye area and an interchangeable headband. There should be novel eyetracking technology to always present what the user should see – it will be one "finger hat-art" system tested that the hande.

Model phil schiller

Riccios new task reminds loud bloomberg at the disposal of the important worldwide marketing chief phil schiller last october. The manager in love his high post, but continues to focus on important areas such as app store and public relations. At riccio, it should now be the vr and ar area. Thus, apple’s long-term managers continue to the company.

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Ipad availability is allegedly stable

IPad availability is allegedly stable

There is still a corona-conditioned chip crisis in the asian room. Component manufacturers had shut down their production and supply chains were interrupted – some affected such as intel actually ames that it could take several years until it comes to a normalization. Apple was here so far, as the group bought such many semiconductors that the producers often give him before.

Warnings before a shortage

However, apple chief tim cook warned in the last week that it could come in the second half of 2021 to availability ies at mac and ipad. But by which it is not as bad as it is called in fresh reports from taiwan.

Cook had said analysts, affected by the shortages are above all the tablet and the computers. Here the supply is broken, "but not the demand". The electronics sheet digitimes, which appears in taipei, writes now, at least in the coming months will be the ipad supply "stable" stay.

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Macbook and ipad production in vietnam: factory comes for $ 270 million

MacBook and iPad production in Vietnam: Factory comes for $ 270 million

Apple relies on vietnam as a second central production site in asia. According to corresponding reports from the past fall, the efforts concretize now. The main commodity manufacturer of the group, the taiwanese producer foxconn alias hon hai precision industry, will build a coarse factory for a total of $ 270 million in us dollars.

Foxconn basically extra a new daughter named fukang technology, which is responsible for the construction. According to the news agency reuters is the building permit from the vietnamese state now.

Foxconn takes billions in the hand

The production is to be created in the province of bac giig. Foxconn had previously invested 1.5 billion dollars in vietnamese production lines, another 700 million are to be filled with. In addition, according to a government announcement is planned, 10.000 to set more local workforce.

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Dispute over the app store: us court rejects monopoly suit against apple

Dispute over the App Store: US court rejects monopoly suit against Apple

Heavy pre-yields of a mail app provider against apple extend in the sand: a us court has apple’s request for rejecting the action in which the iphone group is accused of the obstruction of competitors in the app store, in several points. The company blix, provider of the e-mail client bluemail, have neither direct nor indirect evidence for apple’s monopolic power can be made, the court succeeded.

No evidence for monopoly abuse

Blix have the accusation that apple "high prices" for his devices and apps demand, do not underpin, the judge writes in the burial (blix vs. Apple, file number 1: 19-cv-01869, united states district court for the district of delaware). Also be the app provider "figures" probably remained that apple "vetometer" uber apps ultimately limit. Blix has also failed to define a market in which apple allegedly has a monopoly and how the group was exploited there his market power.

Blix ‘had described in the lawsuit that the e-mail client on "multiple platforms" and also succeeded in the app store, so the judge continues – the demonstration that apple’s mac app store has not been decisive for success – and not as "essential decor" be classified. Unlike ios apps, mac apps can also be distributed outside apple’s app store.

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