The woman as an object

Manner respond to the sight of naked woman corpers as similar as a tool – the psychologists speak of objectification

When two people meet, they usually access their social repertoire: they try to find out how the other goes that the intentions he hangs – they move into the opposite. Such abilities are sought even some species of animals, for a social with each other, they are indispensable at any rate. These behaviors can also be demonstrated with experiments. They are also detected by the functional magnetic resonance tomography (fmrt) – the mean prafrontal cortex approximately is typically activated.

The woman as an object

However, they are apparently not mandatory. This seems to apply especially for a certain kind of interpersonal encounter: if man people present pictures sversely clothed women, does not activate the middle prafrontal cortex. An american psychology team around susan fiske of princeton university has now reported on a congress of a preliminary study, the details of betrayal. First, the researchers ask to what extent the process of objectification influences the thought. Her thesis: if one considers a certain kind of image to thought differently than the whole rest of the pictures, that had to be reflected in the problem. In fact, heterosexual manners were able to remember images bikini-carrying female toresen than any other type of image, including those who showed faces. Now, people retain objects not only according to their appearance in mind, but also how to use them normally physically. As a reminder of a forcepse, the feelings, the pliers to open their handles or loses, a hand drill in the brain not only his turns, but also the drilling-up motor activities of the hand.

The researchers also suspected the objectification of women. In fact, under the fmrt showed that at the sight of sversely dressed women, typically activated, typically diamotor cerebral areas were activated as prior to the use of tools. The activation of the neurons took place as an hour the manns a direct physical action before. This direct relationship would love to make only a special kind of images – in no other case the test persons behaved. Interestingly, the relationship with the manns was most clearly observed, which were best to remember the nude photos.

Finally, the research team also looked at the brain areas more precisely, which is usually about the impinge. They remained when looking at the bikini body, which surprises now no longer, more or less inactive. And all the more, the more scores the tested men on the sexism scale co-developed by fiske in the dimension "hostile sexism" had developed. Who likes the test itself: for german men, the middle index lies "hostile sexism" at about 2.4 out of 5 (women: 1.8 out of 5), at benevolent sexism, women with 2.5 points are slightly in front of the teams with 2.4.