“Moral is a beautiful word, but a dangerous term”

The russian filmmaker andrei nekrasov about corruption in russia, morality in capitalism and of course also over bill browder

Andrei nekrasov was a guest at the telepolis salon in munchen in june and showed his movie "the magnistky act. Behind the scenes". We talked about corruption in russia, uber moral in capitalism, and of course also over bill browder.

Nekrasov was known by putin critical movies like "disbelief" about the terrorist attack in moscow, "rebellion: the case litvinenko" about the poison assault on alexander litvinenko, who had his premiere in 2007 at the film festival in cannes, and by the doct / zdf produced by arte / zdf and awarded with the grimme prize "everyworth, enjoyed!"

Nekrasov’s last movie "the magnistky act. Behind the scenes" was again co-produced by arte / zdf, but it did not manage the broad publicity. The film, which demases the narration of sergei magnitskys death as a successful pr coup of the influential hedge fund manager bill browder, should be premanted in 2016 in the eu parliament. But on print by bill browder, the former employer of sergei magnitsky, and the grunen politician marieluise beck was canceled the premiere at short notice. Also, the charisma was stopped in arte, just on the day of the press release 2016, stopped.

Since then, the film has ran on some film festivals in scandinavian space, but not infrequently under threat of legal steps by browder and citing the freedom of the press by the organizer. Equipped with a lot of financial resources and political influence sits bill browder at the langger lever. Youngly, the video platform received vimeo post by bill browder’s lawsold and dearly remove the movie.

Piraya, the production company of the film, and nekrasov have now launched their own website on which the further development of this debate should be documented.

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