Koran reading, smoking, csu elections

Freedom i mean

It was only a few weeks ago that i smiled at a german president who originally planned to make the value of freedom the spiritual focus of his term in office. Freedom? With german reunification and the end of the cold war, freedom had not become a museum admonition based on a background of real-socialist-totalitarian experience that had left us westerners behind?

Freedom 1: reading the koran

But then i read that the free distribution of the koran in german translation is to be prevented as an islamist-terrorist act. Not that i consider the koran to be one of the most successful works in the history of literature. Not that i think that only as a koran expert i am allowed to say something about taliban, breivik, sarrazin and kolner caliphs.

But if christians of all stripes are allowed to put a violence-glorifying epic like the old testament, mired in what from a christian point of view is the grossest theological act of violence in world history, namely the crucifixion of christ, in every hotel room, children’s room and classroom, the koran must represent an even greater threat to public order. I do not have to wait at all for the salafist free edition, there is nevertheless the holy book of the muslims also on-line free of charge.

Pirates should take a look at the 40th sura, line 40: in the matter of bge (unconditional basic income): "but whoever does good, whether man or woman, and believes, these will enter paradise – therein they will be provided with sustenance, without any account being kept of it." in the 109. Sure with the devotional title "the incredibles" play it cool: "you have your religion and i have my religion."

Even for the lovers of earthly life, from bohlen to fischer, wulff and cohn-bendit, who are unthinking of asceticism, the koran offers undreamed-of foundations: "for the sake of pleasure, people are given pleasure in their drive for women and children and stored-up quantities of gold and silver and race horses and cattle and seed fields." (3. Surah al-minran)

One may criticize the clumsy translation – such a praise of tolerance, unconditional basic income and pleasure in sensual pleasures will be sorely missed in paul’s letters to the corinthians. Conclusion: reading the koran does not lead us away from the right path of our atheistic-consumerist skepticism.

The fact that muslims care as little about the koran as christians do about the ten commandments does not alter the hidden ethical potential of these archaic sacrificial and martial texts.

Addendum: wanted to send the sura uber das zinsverbot to my tax office, but did not find it. Who can help?

Freedom 2: smoking

When was the last time i was offered a cigarette or a cigar? As a non-smoker, i have always gladly accepted this exotic invitation as a wonderful expression of hospitality. Yes, i only puffed (as i once did on the joint), but i proved to the smoker my solidarity with a custom that may be obsolete, but for that very reason – it shares this with sunday mass – is culturally valuable.

Now i am no longer invited and my friends, the smokers are almost extinct except for helmut schmidt. This fumarocide, supposedly imposed for the protection of non-smokers, increasingly spoils my enjoyment of the public space. "Exactly that was our goal", says a fast food lobbyist. "Only the smoking ban has brought us the guests in the early evening who used to go to their corner pub for a cigarette. Have you noticed that we are now also open in the evening??"

Hm. In the supermarket i buy a pack of moods. I identify the garden terrace as a possible place to smoke one. With a glass of colombard-ugni blanc from uby. But something is missing: my fellow smokers. Their gestures of bonding and expressing, sucking in and spreading a thesis by means of smoke signals. Alone i pull myself the thing purely. Passers-by with baby carriages, bicycles and women’s sports equipment walk by and look on in disgust: "i thought that guy had addictions!. Female wine. Cigarillos. And that at noon at twelve. And in kindergarten he pretends to be a good cake and musli daddy.

Conclusion: but freedom is. My, no, our freedom.

Freedom 3: vote for csu

Reading the koran and smoking – up to this point the most benevolent of my readers may still follow me, whom i therefore ask not to read freedom 3.

"About 200 demonstrators welcome the csu politician, who speaks about bavarian financial policy in the gundremming cultural center, with boos, shrill whistles and the sound of vuvuzelas. A coffin with the inscription ‘bavarian economy’ lies on the forecourt in front of the covered stage." this is what we read in the gunzburg local edition of the augsburger allgemeine newspaper.

It was fifteen years ago, when we in the economic advisory board of the union e.V., in whose energy committee i sat as a planner of biomass heating plants, proclaimed the blessed nuclear power. When i presented our finished plan to thomas (goppel) to supply the new bavarian university of administration in neighboring dillingen with biomass instead of natural gas – after all, he was bavarian environment minister at the time – even he had to pass: a call from "at the top" grouted the natural gas connection.

Today, the csu is a modern, often populist-opportunist party with a strong pirate touch, i.E., with effective informal rope-lines that can conjure up majority-compatible programs in a matter of days. Csu position in 2012: "munich lacks affordable housing and, in contrast to the rest of bavaria, the expansion of daycare places is also proceeding only slowly." crazy: that’s not what you hear in munich from spd and grunen. "The continuing destruction of affordable housing must come to an end. Numerous construction projects are replacing apartment buildings with office buildings and luxury real estate, especially in the districts near the city center. If munich is to remain affordable for the average wage earner, however, there must finally be an end to mere lip service", says the munchner ju-chairman gunther westner. Spd mayor ude prefers to sink millions into an olympic bid.

In my neighboring town of utting, the gal (grun-alternative-list) and the csu govern very successfully together with 31.5 percent each. In bavaria, csu wahlen has long been an expression of the freedom to bring old and new, young and old, offline and online into harmony. I like the. Maybe i should vote for the csu for the first time after all?

Conclusion: if nuclear power can be abolished, then the old prejudices against the csu can be abolished as well.

Small addendum: when sepp daxenberger became germany’s first green mayor in my then neighboring town of waging, his first official act was to cancel the biomass heating plant we had already planned for him and to run it on natural gas instead. And even during jurgen trittin’s term in office, hard coal was demanded more strongly by the federal government than all renewable energies combined.