G7: lots of larm by nothing

The g7 summit of the foreign minister in lubeck went completely unspectacular over the bean – and could not be discussed

Days before the start of the g7 ministerskin meeting in lubeck last tuesday and wednesday, thousands of police officers were stationed in the hanseatic city. But the rawls summoned by the media remained out of: 16 arrests, 11 in-grade amptions as well as some ads are the result of the two action days, according to police. All those affected were released again on wednesday. Cost point for this police use with the code name "seven teas": ca. 4.6 million euros. The organizers of protests against the g7 summit were ultimately satisfied with the resonance of the protests, but complain "significant police brutality".

G7: lots of larm by nothing

Coarse police facility for expensive and overflow speed dating. Image: block g7

It was the big police use in the history of schleswig-holstein: a container village for accommodation of 3.500 uniformed has been set up, the entire militar arsal spaced, resourceed. All for seven statesman and their court. Us – minister john kerry did not stay in lubeck three hours. Exactly speaking, he spent 90 minutes at the conference table with his counterparts, shoving a little with those through the area and took a press-appointment. The deliberations took place in a hurry. "Speed dating" the g7 foreign minister, lamented a presenter in the ndr journal.

One was not loaded to the party: sergej lawrow, divine minister of russia. The russian prasident is also not available for the g7 summit of state president in july in elmau: a sanction loss due to the russian annexation of the crimea.

Currile pictures of watercerns and spacecraft on deserted bursts were seen in the media. Reporter scared it a little bit because of the sharpness. In real, they look like a bit angsteinflobender as when "crime scene". Some businesses in the lubeck city center remained as a precaution. Partly for fear of riots as short in frankfurt at the bloccupy protests, partly because no customers have come because of the periodal barriers anyway.

Not only to be purchased, but also first of the protesters. "Imagine, it’s demo, and no one goes", a ndr-aubeporter in conversation with his colleague in the kiel studio. Some of the contested festivals and actions were canceled for lack of mass. The german trade union confederation (dgb) had blown down an anti-ttip rally in the past week. The unions scary frankfurt relevance in lubeck and did not want to get between the fronts of violent protesters and no less crawl-talked uniformed uniformed. Christoph little by the luberk action bond "stop g7" regretted the decision of the dgb.

At tuesday evening, several thousand people demonstrated colorfully and peacefully through lubeck, approximately. 3.000 loud little. "People come on the last printer. Is always like that", he showed himself relieved telepolis opposite. "We had no actions planned for wednesday, in order to show the lubruckers, how meaningless this absurd safety spirit is, and that we do not go out any escalation. We decided to run this safety awareness in the emptiness. The police also proved that they alone is able to block the entire city and prevent thousands of people from moving free."

All in all, he was very satisfied with the protesttions, so the activist: "3000 people on a powerful and vulnerable demo have set a clear sign against g7 and their politics." however, injured should be lamented, on the part of the demonstrators: "as part of the actions of the civil disobedience, the town hall, where the aufekinisters was surrounded, surrounded by several pages", so little. "Ultimately, in view of the massive police chance and partly police brutality were no longer on. We had about. 20 injured by slake in the face and kicks, u.A. A rib break, at least one nose fraction and several space wounds. In this situation, we decided not to continue the action to continue to danger the participants to."

3.500 uniformed in use, 4.6 million. € cost for the "operation seven teas", ca. 10 million. € overall, the question arises: what did the seven women’s ministers have to discuss so important that this effort justifies? According to spiegel, the ministers of aufs were advised on the coarse conflicts and dangers of this world, as there were syria, iraq, ukraine, is, iranian atomic program, ebola and – at the request of the this-year council prosident of germany – also over the protection of the trade routes on the oceans. Maritime cooperation, that was called the german aufemister frank-walter steinmeier (spd) against the press.

Steinmeier’s attitude to the air raids on the yemen confirmed small, according to the need for protests against the g7 foreign ministers meeting: "the exercises of outdoor minister steinmeier to the air raids on the yemen, which he has justified and apologized, show that the g7 actually stand for war, as we said from the beginning."

"Three days barriers and harassment, approx. 10 million euros total cost for a largely a few hours a few hours"

In order to keep the libecraft in a mood in a mood, the aufemisters were presented on tuesday in various schools. Steinmeier, for example, with schoolers had to ask the question of whether the attitude of the federal government in relation to ukraine conflict is the right one. The pending summit has been a rough topic in the lubcker population last week and also with the local media. Some of the respondents, z.B. Of the local ndr radio, pleased with the expected attention, which was given to the otherwise contested baltic sea city. Most of them rather rather skeptical to rejecting, z. B. Because of the contested zoomy passport and bag controls also for well-being.

On wednesday evening, after the famous state manager has been drawn to her ways again, the question was conducted between (cost) expenses and use the media. Especially the short visit kerry’s dear obviously doubt. Finally, the whole circus was mainly organized by his sake.

"The course of the meeting in which the g7-aufemister was only 1.5 hours, which were actually seventh, is a farce. Three days barriers and harassment, approx. 10 million euros total cost for a largely a few hours a few hours. Burgermeister bernd saxe (spd) and aufemister steinmeier should apologize to the lubreckinen", resumed small.

Maybe the gentlemen should be someone that there are other possibilities of communication in the highly technical and globalized world, such as skype video conferences as millions of expensive "speed dating".