Everybody talks about eva herman, we don’t!

Youtube and co. – our weekly telepolis video review

The usa is also currently experiencing a media scandal of "the most exemplary" (eva herman) proportions. During the shooting of a new porn movie, the internationally known "cum-inside" star jennica st. Foxx slipped out the bad n-word. And strangely enough, in the closest connection with the harmless english word for cock, i.E. "Cock". How this happened can be seen in this investigative tv report, which also documents very well the general shock that this terrible linguistic aberration has triggered off. Whether this incident will also influence the american presidential election campaign remains to be seen.

Everyone is talking about Eva Herman, but not us!

Here, on the other hand, everything is currently revolving around the topic "it wasn’t all bad – on kerner" (eva herman). Cabaret artists are speaking out on the subject, others are thoughtfully recalling the winter relief fund, and even a kassel art professor is not leaving the subject cold. We, on the other hand, prefer to show two documents that reveal the hitherto completely unknown sides of a former tv presenter. Here you can admire her as a powerful-voiced singer, and this video shows her together with her hamburg salsa group. Further abysmal insights into this highly explosive blonde topic are offered by this text.

Quickly back to our already mentioned professor from kassel. The good man is called rolf lobeck and writes on his website not only great sentences like:

"Nobel prize – the german laureates look just like the hostages they just released in aphganistan. Maybe i’m just wearing the wrong glasses."

But he also regularly presents there his self-produced videos with witty reflections about god, the world and kassel. And exactly on this page we also found this beautiful music video.

Finally, as always, our quick run-through: according to the folks at break.Com, this video shows why al gore invented the internet. Another reason for gore is certainly this movie. Here, on the other hand, you can learn almost everything about islam. And in the handelskraft blog you can (still) see the wonderful pre-film to the motion picture "ratatouille". And after that we finally know what the cause of our morning headache is.