Erdogan: “aleppo belongs to the turkic people”

Erdogan:'aleppo gehort dem turkischen volk'

Sheikh al-muhaysini: "all groups must follow one line". Screenshot from his video message

The turkish army militarily implements the territorial aspirations of its president in northern syria. The jihadists offer themselves as helpers

Before the presidential election, the u.S. Military operations are focused on mosul, there are no plans for aleppo, as far as the information of the washington post is true. The newspaper reports on a brief meeting obama had with his national security team that remained without decisions.

The plan b

A plan b was reportedly being debated, which consists of expanding the cia’s secret program with syrian militias, wortlich is from "escalating" the speech. However, the proposal is said to have met with skepticism in the administration. Obama, according to the newspaper’s sources, is inclined to leave the matter to his successor in office. His successor in office. The risk that plan b could lead to a militarily dangerous conflict with russia is too great, it said.

The plan’s proponents are well known: defense secretary ashton b. Carter (who is currently visiting his gulf partner dubai to discuss the region) and cia chief john brennan. Secretary kerry, who earlier also paid for it, is now said to be on the side of the skeptics.

"Cia units only add to the carnage. What do they do better?"

An interesting takeaway from this meeting is the statement of an unnamed senior government official who demanded that they take a "merciless look" whether the fighters supported by the cia are in fact still considered to be "moderate" or whether the cia program can achieve more than adding more bloodbaths to the carnage in syria.

The cia units have been "not doing anything better on the battlefield, they are fighting against a superior opponent and are more and more dominated by extremists". The question is what has become of this program and what history will say about it.

Another government representative maintained: "the fsa is the only means by which (our) goals can be achieved." so, even with mainstream reporting, it will remain the case that the fsa, despite all the facts that contradict it, continues to be seen as a "moderate" and thus maintain a chimera. The ie. "Separation of the opposition", which led to the collapse of the u.S.-russia deal, is off the table.

Erdogan on a course of conquest

Thus, turkey’s president erdogan will continue to speak of fsa forces as disguised islamists and jihadists approach aleppo in the turkey-led operation euphrates shield in aleppo province on a course of conquest.

Unlike the outgoing u.S. Administration at present, erdogan does not hold back on pithy pronouncements and bold claims when it comes to his visions on syria. Thus, in an official speech, he now also spoke of the fact that not only iraq’s mosul (cf. Erdogan lays claim to mosul), but also syrian aleppo belongs to the turkic people.

Just as syrians and iraqis were driven from their homes in the two cities by the is caliphate today, the same happened to turks in the same cities in the past. Instructive for erdogan’s capture of "borders" is this short video of one of his speeches (with english subtitles).

In the meantime, even us magazines take erdogan’s aggressive nationalism and ottoman empire fantasies (cf. The dream of the great turkic empire) as a reason for longer articles. Maps are presented that serve erdogan as a template for his ideas – with mosul and aleppo on turkish territory.

Syrian jihadists and cooperation with turkey

What the syrian jihadists actually think of such expansion plans is less well known. For them, it is initially more important that they share with the turkish government two enemies, bashar al-assad and the kurdish defense alliances, and the near-term goal of conquering the supply routes, the environs of aleppo and the city of. Any ideological obstacles standing in the way of the covenant are cleared out.

Had ahrar al-sham announced a few weeks ago that an alliance of syrian jihadists (aka for the west: "revolutionary") with turkic troops, this was followed by some corrective grumbling and resistance from representatives of the al-nusra front.

The al-qaeda preacher, recruiter and enabler, sheikh al- muhaysini, according to people familiar with the scene "a rough number with the jaish al-fatah alliance" (led by al-nusra), has now ied a few directives via video for the jihad in syria. These include the edict that turkey should not be attacked, because that is "not in the interest of the muslims" .

The extent to which this is also understood as a spiritually sanctioned permission or encouragement for al-qaeda militias to cooperate with turkish forces can be observed in the future by the fact that cooperation between jihadists and turkey will be further expanded. There are signs of this.

What leeway has putin given erdogan??

Both sides, however, should be careful not to present the cooperation too offensively, as muhaysini does. Because russia, as a supporter of the syrian government, cannot agree with this cooperation.

This raises the question of what room for maneuver putin gave his turkish counterpart at the meeting with erdogan. To the typical "diverging interests knot" comes that russia supports the syrian kurds, allegedly against the interests of the syrian government itself.

Meanwhile, the kurdish national council in syria (knc) deplores and condemns turkish bombardments in the aleppo region.

The u.S., through the spokesman of the ministry of foreign affairs, john kirby, loves to say that they "manover of turkish troops in northern syria neither supported nor endorsed". One is worried.