Caused self-representation with educational designs

A youngly published scientific examination on the operators of private homepages were rather banal findings

Owners of private websites are on average rather shakers, well educated, 20 to 40 years old and a variety of. This is the rather barren result of an investigation entitled "self-actor or people like you and me?", whose results were shortly presented to the openness. A research group of tu chemnitz has examined the question of which homepages serve and who are people who use time and energy to produce themselves with this medium. After the content of private homepages was not asked. Rather, researchers went around the question of who conducts why a web appearance and as he presents himself in his self-created cyber-reich.

It was because scientific investigations on the internet internet in germany are more dunnate? Was it on the cutting explosive of the topic "why does someone craft a homepage"? Or was it just on the summer hole, in which (not only) the online media use every topic to stuff the gathering gaping message hole? It was probably due to the handy formulated press recognition of the tu chemnitz (short-mentioned disclosures on the internet) that said homepage bencher examination for two days may not be a topic nr. 1, but in every online medium like to be confused. Anyway, it can hardly have been located at the results of the study. Because they are – with foliage – banal.

Homepagebasts are like talkative

The study was funded by the german research foundation (dfg) and from the chemnitz researcher group "new media in everyday life" carried out. The starting point of this investigation is the increasing distribution of private homepages. Currently you pay in germany estimated two to four million private websites. They, as the chemnitz psychologists formulate abstract, is a special form of asynchronous, time-shifted communication, and their makers behave a bit like those ages, who never moused with inconceive photo albums and stories from their youth are an anecdote to tell the other out of your life.

The time distance to the happened dresses your stories mostly in one (age) mild picture. And the old ladies always say only the truth, but their own truth, in which they surprisingly come away quite well. Selective remind you could call this form of prere-breaking – and after a similar principle, the german homepagebulists work.

Homepage activists trace the urge to represent themselves and their lives in the network of networks – all only selective. Like those old ladies, the homepage owners want "authentic" present, "but not of the worst side", binds prof. Dr. Astrid protection from the tu chemnitz, under which the scientific study was created. "So they often access photos back, which they feeled as particularly successful. Contents are highly selectively and controlled selected and published."

Numbers do not!

All of this make talkative old ladies too, but only do not operate any homepage. For this they are said to old. Nearly three-quarters of the website owners surveyed were between 20 and 40 years old – alter names are usually one, two fellow ages.

At the latest at this point, the comparison to the sparkling, but always nice old ladies. In contrast to these, homepagebastlers will definitely be introverted as the average of the population, whereby the chemnitz’s psychologists have left to show how intro- or extroverted overall the average of the population is. Maybe there is not this average at all. There are people who claim that bayern are more of a trace of extrovert, during the schleswig-holsteiner, for example, contact themselves. Each tends to understand.

No matter, homepagebasters are still more introverted than comparators without their own website. That’s so. This shows the analysis of around 300 homepage owners who were so extroverted so extroverted that they have readily confessed the researchers an entire hour by email questionnaires and respond to penible statistical examination methods and methods, mean values, standard deviations, variance analyzes. Numbers are always lens. No, numbers do not bring.

Tendentially introverted are mostly easy-to-care than the vain self-actors. In this respect, all homepage basters can now breathe facilitated – the chemnitz psychologists did not find out yet, "that homepage owners in social use are more insecure, worse with criticism can be dealt with and have a negative self-image of themselves than others."

So, dear homepagebasters, beware! You only build your pages because your custodian stool is that you do not suffer yourself and have no friends. Face-to-face communication is a gray, at least a rough part of you. Surprised. Stop because of your great web appearances mostly for unrestrained driving! Again a prejudice less in this prejudice-laden world! Good that the chemnitzer researchers have explored so busy at least 300 of the two to four million german private websites.

Manner’s majority drives pure educational motives

Only one in the manner world-joint prejudice could not create the chemnitzer homepagery yet out of the world, keyword "women and technology". Of the 300 reviewed homepages, only 13 percent of women came from. The rest have representatives of the man’s sex on the notch. After all, you can not submit the manual homepages no unetheless intentions. You are not looking for a partner with your homepage. Say according to study. Discounts you do not want to stop with your websites. The majority drives pure educational motives. She simply wants to improve her computer knowledge and live his own creativity.

"It turns out that in the construction of a homepage, such aspects also play a role that does not primarily relate to social interaction with others, but rather on the development and expansion of personal skills.", resuming the researchers this part of their examination results – and are right.

Manner are just of nature more likely and always think about the one! Exactly: how do i extend my horizon, how do i perfect my skills, how do i live my creativity? At least those manners, the day a day, tinker to their website for night on their weave!

Which concrete content makes those 261 representative manner among the three hundred homepage benchers and bastelers surveyed? Tinkle with ms frontpage or others "your website despite zero-idea-of-html programs"? Which content places why? Questions about questions – and proper fabric for aest examination.