C. G. Haenel loses order for german army assault rifles

C. G. Haenel loses order for german army assault rifles

Related model: the cr 223 assault rifle from c. G. Haenel at an arms fair in the czech republic. Photo: travel trip.0

Evidence of patent infringement: ministry rejects thuringian arms manufacturer’s request. Heckler koch only remaining bidder

Due to concrete indications of patent infringements, the ministry of defense does not want to award the contract for the delivery of the new assault rifle for the german armed forces to the thuringian arms manufacturer c. G. Haenel awarded. Defense politicians in the bundestag were informed of a decision to this effect on monday, the german press agency reported this evening. The ministry cited evidence of patent infringement as the reason, which had already been presented in an expert report at the end of last year. C. G. Haenel, based in suhl, germany, had won the bidding process for 120.000 weapons against the so far leading german small arms manufacturer heckler koch prevailed, which is the only remaining bidder in the event of haenel’s exclusion.

Back in october, the german federal office of bundeswehr equipment, information technology and in-service support (baainbw) had already halted the contract with haenel following a complaint from heckler koch because of a possible patent infringement. According to the bundeswehr blog "eyes straight ahead" was the developer of the mk 556 weapon, which was to be ordered from haenel, "formerly also for heckler koch active".

Traditional company gets into trouble with ministry of defense

Since the 1950s, heckler had koch produced the g-3 assault rifle, both a standard bundeswehr weapon and a deadly export hit, whose cancellation was decided in 1997. Of the seven to ten million copies of the g 3 produced, several are said to still be in circulation in around 80 countries. In 2010, the rustungsinformationsburo freiburg estimated that worldwide, one person dies every 14 minutes as a result of heckler koch weapons koch weapons.

However, the g 3 successor model, the g 36, had such precision flaws that in 2013 springer’s welt found that it was not even "not even suitable for deer and sow". According to an expert study, the hit rate of the assault rifle dropped to seven percent when heated to high temperatures – 90 percent had been required according to bundeswehr standards.

In 2015, the then german defense minister ursula von der leyen (cdu) declared that the, "that the g 36, as it is currently designed, has no future in the bundeswehr" and should be replaced as soon as possible.

In the ongoing contract award process, heckler koch criticized the defense department’s bidding criteria and called for a more coarse caliber to be specified. In may 2019, the following quoted from a letter of several pages from the company to von der leyen world on sunday and spoke of a "frontal attack". Accordingly, the tender criteria outlined an "ammunition-related low performance rifle model", the "the conditions of use and the minimum requirements for the soldiers’ self-protection" . The management also accused the minister of not making a fair and informed selection.