Twitter vs. Trump: photo from trump-tweet after copyright complaint

Twitter vs. Trump: Photo from Trump-Tweet after copyright complaint

Twitter does not let up and once again edited a tweet of us prasident donald trump. In this case, it’s about a worked photo of yourself that trump had shared on the short news platform. It shows him in black and white, as he points with her finger into the camera, by trump took the sentences: "in truth, they are not behind me, but behind you. I’m just in the way."

Copyright complaint only on twitter, not on facebook

The photo comes from an article in the new york times from 2015 and the us newspaper has now sent a copyright complaint among the regulations of the digital millennium copyright act (dmca) on twitter, which fulfilled the service. The tweet is still online, the photo was removed. On trump’s facebook account, the photo with the text is meanwhile still online, according to the lumen database to copyright complaints, did not go to the group of mark zuckerberg also no dmca request of the new york times.

Since june, twitter has intervened several times in the us prasident tweets, making a turnaround in dealing with trump. Before his contributions had remained untouched, even if they actually contradicted the terms of use of the service. But then the service relected a campaign video allegedly due to copyright infringements, identified another as "manipulated" and hid another tweet behind a warning.

Twitter is one of the most important platforms of the us prasident who responded to the intervention of the service as well with harscher criticism. He even threatened with a change in the legal framework. Meanwhile, facebook had repeatedly intervened in similar situations and, among other things, is currently exposed to a growing boycott exposed to advertisers.