The rough blue blink box

"Blinking" in demolition disk construction

Light games are very popular these days. Suitable for the season was also furnished in the center of magdeburg a festive house lighting. However, you can program yourself.

The rough blue blink box

Real socialist palace architecture: the "blue bock" in magdeburg

In the 1970s were not only in the west "hassle" built, grobe appartementhauser with a single one-room apartment next to the other and a grandiose view of a similar, further concrete monument. Also in the east such single accommodation was constructed – the normal gdr disk buildings were intended for families. Only difference: in the east one does not speak of a one-room but from a single room apartment.

Transformation of windows in yellow pixels

Such a building in the middle of magdeburg received the nickname "blue buck", on the one hand probably because of the "light-folding" architecture, on the other hand, because of the blue tiles, with which – ddr-typical – the building had been disguised. Since it was not even as the western hasenkafe and many east disk buildings in residential sessions on the outskirts, but in the middle of the city had been set up, the enthusiasm was bordered to rent one of the 48-sqm room in each case 48 on a stick : how many buildings in the east is the "blue buck" empty for years.

The rough blue blink box

First tests – still in daylight

Actually, he had demolished and to be replaced by a business house, but was – ddr historical – the ownership question on the basic piece on which the plate construction stands, unclear and delayed this. Only during the year 2007 the "bock" should now be slaughtered.

Already in december 2004, a team magdeburg art activists had transformed some of the vacant apartments into a uber-dimensional advent calendar by means of midnight once around midnight, which indicates the respective day. Given the attention that made these light games, two years later, to 1. December 2006, the entire building in the tradition of "blinking" converted into a uberdimensional display, for which the windows of the former apartments each overrun with yellow plastic film and were set up in the room spotlights. Over electronics control units with dimming function, it is possible to display 128 grayscale on a total of 686 pixels, with which in addition to letters and stroking graphics also black-and-color images of small resolution are possible – and films.

The rough blue blink box

Advent calendar 2004

A 0900 telephone number can be played on the built-in-front "pong", "pacman" and "tetris", which, however, was allowed to be meaningfully possible in spite of webcam with a mobile phone only because the actually provided streams have technical problems. However, it is also possible to create your own graphics and movies and into the system of "blue box" to import how the art project calls itself based on the very first hackers, which were still without computer free telephone language – by means of the same "blue boxes, which generated corresponding signal controls.

The rough blue blink box

"Big sister is watching you …"

With a call to the already mentioned 0900 number and entering a previously chosen codes, the film can then be started at any time within the active time of the giant display (daily 17 to 24 o’clock and additionally 6 to 8 o’clock early on weekdays) – from love clarifications on the pit to defined individual animations, everything is possible in principle here. Only originally planned, displayed in this roughly impressive egoshooter arcade games has been taken again in view of the killer game debate.

The rough blue blink box

Quadruple dimmer unit for an apartment with four window pixels

As far as the artistic orientation is concerned, the co-designed association for operation sees more than just over-dimensional luminous graffitti and computer ping-pong as its goal. The 0900 number does not even coincide the electricity costs, which is why window sponsorships are offered. For him the artists are the framing of media content in the foreground, to show how unreal who now transported themselves as a self-reliable on the media and are as true images, as they are deprived of static, and also how easy they can manipulate everyone. To do this, there should be a joint production together with a theater group in early 2007. After the demolition then still remains the simulator.