The moving blogs

After the podcasts are now the vlogs

What the blogosphere gives content to content covers pretty much all the areas of life. It ranges from psychopatically stimular verbal diarrhea on the word wit of everyday up to topic-centered specialist and policy publications partly highest quality. Sometimes are artistic and literature-repeated. But whatever should be conveyed, so far, it had to be taken in possibly apt words. This is currently changing: the podcasts now make the vlogs, so video blogs, talk about themselves.

Some time ago, there was a blogger to confess in front of the world that he has difficulties with the opening of a bhs. Because he has almost always advised against breastless women without this stutz tool and therefore could not attain special strength. For this ingredient he migrated many words around each other. And that’s exactly how millions of others who want to make any messages. You write texts. Maybe eccentric or even poetic, perhaps through a photo ashetised.

The moving blogs

But more and more american bloggers spare themselves such words, they now simply place videos on the net. So all interested people can see with their own eyes, what should be said – and understanding much beyond the language barriers. About a year ago, the first vlogs appeared in the us, and now there are a whole series of vloggers who show more or less regularly their moving pictures. Heritage as well as small works of art.

And who or what awaits us there? For example, steve and carol are in the carol and steve show. We can watch them in everyday taxes, for example, as they scrub the paved entrance area of their nasty front yard. Unfortunately, steve quickly makes you smart, so that – could it be different? ?- first he recover in the deck chair and clean carol alone. Quite different from amanda congdon’s rocketboom. Here’s something to go on the ears, here heer rock with show inserts, where an unleashed boy plays air guitar. With a refreshing novel conversation surprised amyville. In "a letter conversation with a giraffe", a cute coarse girl enters a non-verbal dialogue with a cute little fabric giraffe.

The moving blogs

Good as an introduction and for a lookout is the video logging universe, where several other vlogs are summarized in a type of contents. Drive with the mouse over the respective picture, one obtains a small probe sequence of image and sound. With upscale optical claim and a stately vlogroll, the 05 project presents itself. Almost blissfully surrealistic, however, hold my beer and watch is presented!. A couple shows himself when eating, probably the breakfast, as it looks like, on a day that is not talked about, but only gestures. If this may have the pictures that bring enlightenment? Enlightenment, for example, how the relationship project is moving between love and normal madness of everyday routine. And that it is still worse with others – or at least looks like. Or is it very normal blodglish? And we let us go to voyeuren dillantic psycho-exhibitionists?

Anyway, as much as the new media species do not say too much. Especially since your actors do not specify on specific definitions. But that was no different at the advent of the text blogs. Again, it was first (and is still) cheerfully experimented on it, and it elapses time until a lot of sponishes of significantly less wheat squirts. And with the definition it hapert to today. Why should developing the vlogs differently? And that the video sequences and the often spoken in it often act also, is not always based on mental poverty. Not infrequently, there are allusions to american television broadcasts, sometimes word games with dialogues from entertainment shows or series, which are unknown in germany and europe and therefore simply have a flattening flat.

With regard to the podcasts was several times from the "chance of rebirth of the radios" to horen and read. For example, that radio stations with this technology could take possibility to offer their contents not only live, but also on-demand. Who’s wife, which potential to give the movie and television new impulses in the vlogs? The scene is still very small and extremely self-advanced. Just wait – and look at and from. Maybe germs worth seeing. Oh yes, beautiful new audience world.