Study: many gross companies want to keep home office

Study: Many gross companies want to keep home office

Many companies in germany want to hold a study by the center for european economic research (zew) according to the corona crisis at the homeoffice – also in the industry. In the manufacturing industry, to which, among other things, the mechanical engineering, the chemical and the auto industry pay, before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic only in each fourth company conducted regularly worked by home, as evidenced by an evaluation of the zew. Now it be nearly 50 percent. For the time after the crisis, therefore, about 37 percent of companies plan to hold at home office for their employees.

Information industry relies on homeoffice

"Due to the new experiences and insights, many companies plan to use home office even more intensively after the crisis than before the beginning of the corona pandemic", said zew expert daniel erdsiek. Even stronger than in the industry are the changes in the information industry, which includes the ict industry, media service providers and knowledge-intensive service providers. "Already before the crisis, about every second company in the information industry used home office, as well as much more activities are suitable for the location flexible work", alleged earthiek. Almost two-thirds of the companies now planned to use home office even after the crisis.

Both in the manufacturing industry as well as in the information industry, mainly large companies are from 100 employees, which expect a permanent expansion of home work (56 and 75 percent). Overall, about every third company announced to have invested in new technology at short notice to use home office in the crisis.

The zew mannheim surveyed a total of 1765 companies in europe for the study in the study. The companies must have at least funf worked. 990 companies were questioned in the field of information industry. In june, the quarter-year survey was expanded to 775 manufacturing businesses. /