Report: porsche wants to offer kunftig seven instead of four series

The sports car builders porsche wants to expand its model offer from currently four to seven series and thus sales until 2018 to 200.Double 000 vehicles. Auber the already adopted small railbar cajun, it is expected to give a new roadster, which should be cheaper than the most favorable porsche model boxster, reports that handelsblatt on thursday.

In order to achieve the goals, the expenditure for research and development should be increased by around half of the half to 1.5 billion euros a year, said porsche boss matthias muller of the newspaper. At the same time, around 7,000 new jobs were allowed to arise. To the planned new models muller said: "i can well imagine that we surprise our clientele with a modern variant of the famous james-dean-porsche." the project will be pushed under the name 551 spyder. A decision for series production but still.

As more models, muller can introduce a small version of the fourth coupe panamera under the name pajun. At the top there could be a super sports car in the price range of 400.Give 000 euros. Alone from the cajun, who are built in leipzig and to come to the market in 2013, to 50.000 stucco are sold in the year. Muller also relies on concrete targets. The most profitable carmaker in the world sets the bar to 15 percent sales yield and 21 percent return on investments. "Each single series must achieve these goals", said muller. So far, porsche publicly announced a paragraph destination.

The establishment of the product range had the fruhere porsche boss wendelin wiedeking totally. In addition to the classic 911 – whose new generation will be presented at the international automotive exhibition (iaa) in september – gradually the gentle mid-engine series in the versions boxster and cayman, the railing car cayenne in cooperation with the volkswagen group as well last the limousine panamera.