Rebellion from the right?

Before the left is back from vacation, the right is already against hartz iv at the start

Will it be something this time with the much conjured up "bright autumn" against social cuts, which in recent years have too often proved to be a lukewarm air act? At least there are some signs that the resistance against hartz iv is taking on a more concrete form.

Already at the beginning of august, the monday demonstrations from the blissful burgerrechtszeiten at the end of the gdr were revived. Several thousand people sang the inevitable chant "we are the people" at. But as almost 15 years ago, various right-wing and neo-nazi groups also joined in. In kothen, the local republicans were particularly prominent. In magdeburg, it was rather free comradeships that were able to take the lead of the demonstration there unchallenged.

Andreas erhold from the right-wing conservative german middle class party, on whose private initiative the monday demonstration came about, does not want to exclude anyone from the anti-hartz protests in the future. One already wonders with concern whether the revolts against hartz iv, which have been so often invoked in recent times, are taking on a right-wing slant.

This development means a difficult balancing act for the anti-hartz protests supported by unemployed groups and emancipatory social initiatives, which are being prepared but are not scheduled to really start until september. On the one hand, one does not want to leave the protests to the right-wing groups, which so far have been a vocal minority at the demonstrations. On the other hand, left-wing groups will not simply participate with their own content in a demonstration where openly neo-nazi groups are at least a tolerated component. A fight against the right-wing groups on the demonstration could be interpreted in the eyes of the politically undefined majority of the protesters, however, again quickly as an ideologization brought in from outside.

The developments at the upcoming protests will show whether the silent majority of the demonstrators will turn against the right-wingers, if only because they damage their cause in the media. Or does the right-wing propaganda, which as usual blames non-germans and u.S. Corporations for the social misery, even find acceptance among a relevant part of the discontented??

Then a scenario could occur, as it was to be observed in rudimentary form at the demonstrations for reunification in leipzig and dresden at the beginning of 1990. The right-wingers were an independently acting but openly tolerated part. During the pogroms against refugees in many east german cities, they often received more or less open support from a silent majority. Should such a development be repeated in the social protests, the npd in particular, which now relies on grassroots work on the ground, could profit from it. A move by the npd, which is running unrivaled on the right there, into the saxon state parliament on 19.September is at least no longer excluded (the center of society?).

Of course there are also activities against hartz iv without any right participation. But one may at least doubt their meaningfulness as well. As if the anti-bush movement from the times of the iraq war was resurrected, also now everything and anything is initiated under the label against hartz. The main thing is to be in the media, seems to be the motto of some organizers of anti-hartz events.

With their chain letters against schroder some kolner spd functionaries created it at least to attract attention in the summer hole.. This could not give any more impetus to the emancipatory anti-hartz protests than the internet protest initiated by the pds saxony. Especially since this does not remove the accusation that the pds in berlin, where it is in government, is also helping to implement the hartz iv export regulations.

The electoral alternative for work and social justice, which hopes to win the votes of those who have been deprived of their jobs because of the social laws in the next federal election, has already had a serious dispute with the berlin state association over organizational ies even before its official founding. The masses of those affected by the social cuts could care little about that. The right however it will be pleased. After all, the npd has just signed an agreement with its eternal rival, the dvu, to stop competing with each other in state elections.