Ready to load: the new mercedes c-class t model

Ready to load: the new mercedes c-class t model

Stuttgart, 31. August 2007 – is the station wagon a pronounced vehicle genus? Mercedes does not believe that. Therefore, now the c-class t model is introduced with a lot of records. According to the stuttgart car turns, a station wagon also has a real chance in addition to the continuing suvs (sports utility vehicles). By the mid-1990s of the last millennium, kombis still a lifestyle aura. That’s over, now pays transport. Transport of coarse, long or bulky hands and their simple stowing in the tail of the car are trump. Mercedes has dedicated itself to the t-model of the c-class with dedication.

Three lines – two faces

As already the c-class sedan, the t-model comes in the equipment lines classic, elegance and avantgarde. During "classic" for a stress-resistant appearance with classic grill and attached star stands, reproduced "elegance" comfort and luxury with the lacquered lamellar grille. "Avant-garde" call the sporty models, which are already attracted by the coarse, centrally in the boiler mask star.

Ready for loading

The tail of the new t model is significantly steeper than that of the process. As a result, the car now remedes a charging volume of 1500 liters, 146 liters more than the old t model. For the segment of the premium combo in the middle class, this is currently the best value. For example, the trunk is swallowed 44 boxes with six literial bottles each. Important for the accommodation of bulky objects: the quadrmab. This could be increased by 66 to 827 liters, which are 50 to 100 liters more than comparable competition models. The maximum usable interior length grew by 17 centimeters and is now 2.82 meters.