Priority for bus, train and bicycle in berlin

Priority for bus, train and bicycle in berlin

In berlin, bus, train and bicycle will take priority about cars. "The more people can change on bus, train or bicycle and want, the faster, the progress that depends on the car," said today, the environmental and traffic senator regine gunther (partilos / fur grune). The occasion was the idea of a draft speaker design for a new "mobilitate law". The capital wants to put together all the transport brings to a joint legal basis as the first federal state throughout germany.

The entitlement of the law is to make the traffic in berlin environmental and climate-friendly, emphasized gunther. She craved the goal of the senate to make traffic in berlin by 2050 climate-neutral. In addition, the number of traffic totes and seriously injured should be brought to zero.

For cycling, the law sees secure paths at main hubs, as cycling straws designated secondary strategies and cycling routes for commuters – also from the surrounding area -. According to gunther, "luckless compounds" should be created by the city. A "conflict resolution mechanism" should grab when there is competition for traffic flats. In addition, a total of 100 is up to 2025.000 new bicycle pole planned; at nodes of local traffic are also built bicycle parking garage. At all construction sites, there should also be a safe traffic management for cyclists.

The law also goes the problem that frequently parking supply stores and cycle paths. In cooperation with interventions and associated, an "integrated economic transaction" should be developed. "If we do not get under control to the traffic, everything does not help us," verkehrsstaatskretar jens-holger kirchner (grune).

The corner points for the law had developed the senate administration together with bicycle and environmental links. Heinrich strobetreuther, with-initiator of the folk decision, was the bill: "in the face of diesel scandal, galloping climate catastrophe and rising injured numbers, this is a good result for all involved," he said.

The cdu in the house of representatives threw the law, on the other hand, to prevent the cycling unilaterally. "The other road users will take away the place on the strain," explained faction leader florian graf and the traffic political speaker oliver friederici.

For the bill, the coordination with the rest of the senate is now on, in the fall could be decided in the house of representatives. To 1. The law will enter into force in january.