Mecklenburg-vorpommern: service portal with 100 administrative services online

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: Service portal with 100 administrative services online

The service portal mecklenburg-vorpommern for the digital contact to administrations and agents is now apparently in ride after a ride start. As digital minister christian level (spd) announced on saturday, 100 administrative services are now being used on the nationwide platform "completely smart" offered. With the application of the internet, the corridor to the stated authority for burgers and also for entrepreneurs always stopped. The processing then achievements also digitally.

Administrative services by the end of 2022 digital

According to the online access and administration performance law, the bund, lander and municipalities are obliged to offer their administrative services by the end of 2022 digitally, user-friendly and optimized via administrative portals. For this, about 600 strongly sought-after administrative services had to be digitized, had said levels at the start of the portal. Critics flourished that at the previous pace in the administrations the goal is clearly missed.

Since the start in june 2019, the number of digital administrative services has doubled. Offers are added, where forms are available as pdf for printing, it is now almost 300. According to levels, 2300 users have set up a separate account on the service portal so far. Also show, "that the portal fills with life".


The current offer rich from waste stock on name choices in divorce to second home tax, declared the minister. Commercial and assembly declarations or the iing of birth and death certificates is also possible in a digital manner. In some regions, the automotive forums or home mull disposal could also be requested online. "Our motto "just start" has paid out. We started with a foundation that is now increasingly growth", consted levels.

In particular, he also sees municipalities, official and circles in the obligation to integrate their administrative services to the state portal. The city and municipal day had complained several times several times that the country has too little involved the municipalities in his digital agenda and are still open to cost ies. Other countries are this task of partnerships, striking it.

Around the clock

"With 100 digital offers, where it can be done completely online from the information about the form to pay to pay, we have taken a first milestone", on the other hand, if pastes were convinced to be on the right way. The benefits of the portal were obvious: "all authorities and communities of the country can offer their digital services for free and benefit from central access as well as the stable advances and new functions", he said. Users, with their computers, tablets or smartphones, were able to use the offers of administration around the clock.