Kali linux 2021.2: new version with kaboxer and kali-tweaks as highlights

Kali Linux 2021.2: New version with Kaboxer and Kali-Tweaks as highlights

According to the cali linux, quarter-year update rythm, the developers published a new version of debian-based linux distribution last tuesday. Kali linux 2021.1 includes two completely new features: the kali applications boxer (kaboxer) as a container-based solution for uncomplicated exports of heavily packaging applications as well as kali-tweaks, which is designed to help users configure the system according to their preferences. In addition, including a few new tools and fine-touching at the optics.

Kali linux is aimed primarily on an it security affinity and brings for this a large selection of pre-installed tools for vulnerability analysis and forensics. The strongest competitor is the linux distribution parrot os, the end marz 2021 on version 4.11 has been updated.

Kaboxer and kali-tweaks

The command-line tool kaboxer should help to integrate such tools in kali, which, for example due to complicated dependencies or outdated program libraries, can not be easily packed.

The packaging process with kaboxer takes a detour: from the applications, special docker images are created and made available online. Packages created with kaboxer then do the image download when installing. The user can use the package management system apt as usual and not noticed at all that the downloaded application runs in a container. Further details allow a blog entry to kaboxer and a detailed article for developers who want their apps over the detour with kaboxer packaging.

The second highlight in kali linux 2021.2 is kali-tweaks: about a central surface, users have managed the possibility to manage meta packet and parcel sources and make settings as well as shell and prompt and finetuning in the area of virtualization. Attention: if the tool should not appear after a caliment upgrade, this is because it as "recommended", but not as "proper" marked. In the course of a reinstallation it is on board.

Kali Linux 2021.2: New version with Kaboxer and Kali-Tweaks as highlights

Still, kali-tweaks is in the infancy; the developers are looking forward to feedback.

Many smaller innovations

A complete overview of the other rather varied innovations deliver the release notes to kali linux 2021.2. Among other things, the developers have the "bleeding edge-"development branch restructured, made to xfce desktop and z shell (zsh) smaller optical and functional changes and extended the selection of login and desktop backgrounds.

Among the newly added tools can be found, among other things, the reverse engineering framework ghidra, the quark engine as a scoring system for android-schadcode as well dirsech for brute-force attacks on folders and files on web servers.

A smaller, but practical innovation: who uses kali with the z shell, can now switch between one- and two-line prompt by means of keypad.

Kali linux 2021.2: download and more information

Who kali linux 2021.2 reinstall reinstall, finds on the kali linux download site 32- and 64-bit isos. The page also contains references to vmware, virtualbox and arm images as well as the so-called "weekly builds" from kali linux. Target group are curious who are not afraid of one or the other beneficial bug.

Kali linux nethunter is dedicated to its own download site. The updated catch of the mobile caliment variant includes some improvements under the hood and android-11 support for some selected devices. Details can also be found here the general release notes.