Ipad availability is allegedly stable

IPad availability is allegedly stable

There is still a corona-conditioned chip crisis in the asian room. Component manufacturers had shut down their production and supply chains were interrupted – some affected such as intel actually ames that it could take several years until it comes to a normalization. Apple was here so far, as the group bought such many semiconductors that the producers often give him before.

Warnings before a shortage

However, apple chief tim cook warned in the last week that it could come in the second half of 2021 to availability ies at mac and ipad. But by which it is not as bad as it is called in fresh reports from taiwan.

Cook had said analysts, affected by the shortages are above all the tablet and the computers. Here the supply is broken, "but not the demand". The electronics sheet digitimes, which appears in taipei, writes now, at least in the coming months will be the ipad supply "stable" stay.

Seasonally below – but boom thanks to ipad pro m1

The tablet market follows according to its full-time seasonal pattern. Demand had risen by corona due to the home office trend. Meanwhile, it goes back – but not because of the chip crisis, strolled it. The digitimes turn on that the launch of the ipad pro m1 could stop the trend of the ruckle in the tablet market.

However, apple has a problem at least at the top model, 12.9 inch ipad pro, a problem: it comes with the still rarely used mini-led technology. According to a report of the financial news agency bloomberg still "production problems" to have. Currently one waits for the most favorable ipad pro m1 of this coarse to 23. June before it comes to delivery. The 11-inch model without mini led is already on the 27. May at the customer. Previously, however, it had been amed that the new ipads from the 21. May are available – so apparently also apple’s internal planning. The devices can be pre-ordered.