Google: android security now very easy – with forced play services

Google: Android security now very easy - with forced play services

Under the name android enterprise essentials, google offers a new service for mobile device management (mdm), which is explicitly directed to small and medium-sized enterprises (smes). With three key specifications, administrators should ensure the safety of the smartphones used in the company.

On the one hand, a locking screen and a closure of the data stored on the mobile device can be described in the distance. In this way, companies should be internal information before access by third parties. Furthermore, system administrators can enable the activation of play protect – google’s consolidated security services for android – and only allow the installation of applications from the play store. In a row, companies should not worry about malware.

All corporate data from smartphones remotely delete, if the user has lost the device for example or stolen it. On all these functions administrators can access without an additional configuration of the android clients. The android enterprise essentials from the 26 should be available. January 2021 stands out how to emerge from the envision. For the price google is still welcoming, speaks only by for smes affordable costs.