Genoa alternative

For all those who could not, were not allowed to or did not want to travel to the g8 summit, the internet offers up-to-date material in hulle and fulle – away from the mainstream coverage

Every few minutes news about genoa appear on alternative sites. The most comprehensive information can be found on the italian, but also on the german indymedia site. In accordance with the decentralized media concept, anyone can publish there. All you need is internet access, call up the publish form, write and send it off.

Eyewitness reports, information and tips for demonstrators, photos, audio contributions and videos (current video contributions from genoa, for example, can be found at kanalb spezial) spread in no time at all. With this kind of multimedia coverage, interested parties gain a much more differentiated picture than is possible with the coverage in the media with the highest ratings. Constantly updated minutes appear on the italian edition. Here is a current german translation:

" 20. July – breaking news

13:23 first reports of police with handguns during clashes with anarchists in corso torino 13:28 2 parts of cobas demo walk together back to piazza kennedy 13:35 black block moves towards piazza kennedy, just few hundred meters from info center 13:37 1000 people demonstrate nonviolently in via avarotti. Sit. The block of civil disobedience demonstrates without problems. The pink block tries to enter the red zone with music and dancing and the black block comes to the info center completely disorganized. 13.57 light police attack against the attac demonstration 13.58 piazza kennedey surrounded by police. No one can get in or out …"

According to reports of classical news agencies (apa), some protest marches started today on the occasion of the official opening of the g8 summit. The organizers put the number of participants at around 50.000. "Escort" they received from a huge police contingent. A few hundred anti-globalization activists tried to enter the red zone, as announced. This went too far for the security forces. They used tear gas grenades and water cannons against the demonstrators.

Already yesterday there were clashes with the police. A group of greeks arriving for the demonstration was received by the italian security forces so rudely that even the greek government publicly complained about the "brutal" . At the center of yesterday’s activities was a demonstration by migrants. Numerous photos and reports paint a comparatively peaceful picture.

Genoa alternative

"About 50,000 people took part in the migrant demonstration that took place this afternoon. The spectrum included socialist and communist organizations , organizations represented in the genoa social forum, anarcho-syndicalists.. The heroic appearance of pkk sympathizers was conspicuous, with one fist raised and a flag in the other, and a small group demonstrating with a serious look. There were also several anarchist and autonomous blocks, including a black block (partly masked). Migrant organizations were only weakly represented and were drowned out by the mass of others. This also applies to the participants: migrants were hardly visible, the demonstrators were either italians or people who had come to genoa because of the g8 protests. Also many of the banners were only related to the g8, yet there were some that were z.B. Were directed against the illegalization of refugees or the restriction of their freedom of movement . I did not notice any banners that made a connection between the current economic developments and the situation of migrants.. Some of the groups involved seemed to be more concerned with self-dramatization than with addressing the actual theme of the demonstration. The atmosphere at the demo was good, there was a float with techno music, bands and a pink block that made the whole thing.Very busy." (indymedia)

The outfit in pink actually reminds a little of the loveparade. Somehow, despite their argers about demobilization attempts in the run-up, the demonstrators do not lose their sense of humor.

A banner of the rifondazione comunista migrant demonstration shows underpants on a washing line. Indymedia clarifies. The head of state berlusconi had appealed to the italian people not to hang a wash out of the window during the meeting, because that would be "provincial and unacceptable to the representatives of the eight major economic powers". Berlusconi made a laughing stock of himself and his political opponents were happy to pick up on it. The underpants mutated into a subversive symbol.

In general, berlusconi seems to be rather unnerved by now. No wonder, since the genoese hoteliers had complained that they were not doing any business at the summit, especially since the powerful were being accommodated on ships for security reasons. Also the 28.000 residents of the neighborhood, which has been declared a red exclusion zone, are anything but enthusiastic about the tight security measures. Several show solidarity with the demonstrators. On a balcony, a young man demonstratively holds up a picture of che guevara. The snapshot can also be found on indymedia.

Berlusconi said today that the summit must be reconsidered. "Genoa could be the last of its kind", the prime minister is quoted by a german news agency. Is the sociology professor walden bello perhaps right, when he writes in the "junge welt" about genoa and the systemic crisis: "genoa is the next stop of the anti-globalization express. It is possible that the city will become the most glaring evidence of this ‘withdrawal of consensus’ that is shattering the global capitalist system."?