Eu digital ministers want to ground european cloud federation

EU digital ministers want to ground European Cloud Federation

The european digital and telecommunication ministers want to make europe an international transshipment location for data processing. For this, at a virtual meeting under the direction of federal minister of economic minister peter altmaier (cdu), the ministers have been pronounced on thursday for the constituence of a european cloud codation. Of the 27 eu member states signed on thursday 25 countries the joint explanation.

Altmaier said, the representatives of the two missing landers – cyprus and danemark – had to vote the explanation before signing in the home country. The eu reacts to a rough technical paradigm shift of recent years. Many companies and organizations store computer computing services, data stores and databases as well as applications for analysis of data via the internet in the "cloud" the end.

Eu poorly situated in global competition

In global competition, however, the eu has little to oppose cloud providers from the us and china. With amazon (aws), microsoft (azure) and google come three of the four world-growing suppliers from the united states. From china, alibaba also tries to convert his dominant position on the domestic market into an export success.

In the paper launched by the eu commission, which was negotiated between member states, the countries undertake to invest in theest generation of trustworthy, secure and energy-efficient cloud and data processing technologies. Member states shall commission the eu commission to unify cloud strategies within the eu. In addition, efforts in the development of technology for artificial intelligence should be tied up.

"We have to get better"

The eu commissioner thierry breton said for internal market ies said europe did not respond properly in the evaluation of private data. When evaluating the data from the industry and the critical infrastructure, such as the water and energy supply, you want to stand right at the beginning at the top. The commission itself will take two billion euros from the eu budget’s digital programs for the planes in the area of cloud and data.

Altmaier said the digital transformation was like climate policy a final area for the eu commission. "Europe has to catch up in some areas. We have to get better. We have to be faster. We have to be more innovative." in this context, it also deals with the framework conditions for the artificial intelligence. Compared to the us or china, the individual eu member states are relatively small. And since also in europe, especially small and medium-sized companies had gross weight, fruge europe "over a lot of small data lines and not from the outset via a coarse data sea, which allows us to prepare and develop applications with algorithms".

Hope gaia-x?

Therefore, one discusses the principles for a pleasant european framework for artificial intelligence, which allows the member states to make the crafts. The digital association bitkom welcomed the explanation: "the initiative of the eu countries is a breakthrough for a common european cloud policy", said bitkom-prassident achim mountain. This also applies to the concern to develop a rule book for the cloud. "This rule book must be developed on the basis of suitable and proper existing technical standards and standards."

Ultimately, joint explanations were not enough. For a european cloud and data infrastructure, the german-french organization gaia-x plays a crucial role. With gaia-x, according to ministry’s data, representatives from politics, economics and science from france and germany together with other european partners develop a proposal for the design of the next generation of a data infrastructure for europe.