Elegant sports tourist

Elegant sports tourist

Russelsheim, 14. August 2008 – opel is proud of his insignia: as "a combination of the artistic character of a sculpture and the praising of german engineering tradition, in which emotion and perfection connect together" looks chief designer mark adams the middle class standard. This also applies to the station wagon called "sports tourer", the opel sees as a defensive model, "this shows on the defendant shaping of body and doors from b-saule", says adams. The naming shows that the russelsheimer searches new ways. The company with the flash says goodbye to the tradition name "caravan" after more than 50 years. Originally written "caravan", the name should point to the mixture of car and delivery van, as combination suffered at that time under a craftsman image.

Dynamic body form

This past is stripping opel now. With the new insignia sports tourer, opel packs the utility much more dynamic than it was the case at the vectra. Striking design feature is the fully length in the tailgate integrated jerk lights. The flap itself ranges into flanks of the body. Overall, the external form follows with the rearward line of the current combination mode.

More long and cargo space

In the longness, the sports tourer now measures 4.91 meters, which are seven centimeters more than the previous vectra caravan and eight centimeters more than the insignia sedan. A little short compared to the process was the wheelbase, which is now 2.74 meters instead of 2.83 meters. Despite the sports forms, the trunk of the sports tourer summarizes 540 liters, ten more than the old caravan.