Electric small cars and micromobiles for the city

Electric small cars and micromobiles for the city

Are scooters and narrow-gauge small cars with e-engine the crucial key in the necessary road turning, which at the same time open the door to obtain the individual mobile in? A clear answer to this is already prohibited because forecasts are always particularly difficult if they relate to the future – a realization that is said to be different authors. In times of increasing living space, however, it is always heavily conceivable to enforce the previous idea that with a car conventional blank to trains the way through the city center. Because this requires a traffic surface of at least about 8 m², often enough much more.

This place is not there in metropolitan areas, with the expected influx in and around the city, the problem. Therefore, on the interface between car and driving or motorcycle electric scooters and narrow gauge small cars can also be spared on the short distance and the running of individual transport can be measured. This idea is currently being pursued by some manufacturers.


If only the half of the studies shown in marz at the geneva motor show is going into series, this trend soon has a whole series of unusual vehicles in our city. The most colorful showing citroen: ami one concept is called the 2.50 meter long and 1.50 meters narrow two-seater, which was developed as an alternative to opnv and scooters. Electrically powered with a battery for an action radius of 100 kilometers, it is up to 45 km / h quickly. Depending on the country and legislation, it has already been driven from 16 years, but it needs significantly less space than a conventional car, but is safer than a scooter and ride, unlike the bus, when and where the user wants to rewrite the frenchman advantages.

According to the same principle, seat has designed the minimo, which is only 1.20 meters wide with its freestanding rods. He also follows the ideal of the narrow hobilitat and should use the traffic area more efficient. And so that you do not need new charging panels for him, you can remove the battery as with an e-bike and load at home on the socket.

The wide sven

Another new small car is sven, the share2drive developed from aachen. Where seat and citroen build in the long, the "shared vehicle electric native" goes into the width and reminds of a slightly out of the glue smart. But the growth is paying off: with a long of 2.50 meters, sven can still park transversely and offers on the continuous bank behind the rough sliding sites of space for three occupants and up to 580 liters of packing. Even sven drive electric, sprints with its 24 kw e-rear engine up to 120 km / h and comes with a charge of 20 kwh batteries in theory 140 kilometers wide.

So all these are not all these ideas. Finally, there are originally designed as a pure electric car as a compact two-seater for 20 years. And how to come to a narrow track and without local exhaust gases with the security of four gases through the city, not least proves the spartan renault twizy. But concepts such as ami one, minimo or sven make use of the increasing connectivity and are therefore one step further: they are all pradestinated for use in carsharing fleets, are booked over apps minutes or daily, therefore do not have one, but many driver and do so in theory of several conventional cars overflowed.