Bmw increases battery cell orders to 10 billion. Euro

Bmw builds working with its battery cell suppliers samsung and catl on its way to more electric cars. The order volume planned for the years 2020 to 2031 for the chinese manufacturer catl rises from 4 billion to 7.3 billion euros, the dax group shared on thursday (21. November 2019) in munchen with. Bmw becomes the first customer of the catl plant in erfurt, which is currently under construction.

With the second battery cell manufacturer samsung sdi from sudkorea castle bmw a delivery contract that has a scope of 2.9 billion euros on the years 2021 to 2031. Together with the order at catl, bmw has assigned convictions of more than ten billion euros.

From 2020 bmw wants to relate lithium and cobal itself

A growing role is playing the purchase of raw materials for bmw. From 2020, the company wants to relate lithium and cobal itself and provide the manufacturers of the battery cells to provide. Kobalt should then only come from mines in australia and morocco, lithium among others from australia. It deals with the observance of environmental standards and human rights, threw it.

Above all, cobalt is a for the electromobility important, but problematic raw material. The mineral is degraded mainly in the democratic republic of congo – often under human unused conditions.