Bitter vero: comeback after 20 years

Bitter vero: comeback after 20 years

Schwelm, 29. October 2007 – erich bitter: this name has been known since the end of the 70s in automotive engineering. The bitter models cd and sc wrote history and then adorned a garage of german prominence sometimes. Two decades of lives now present erich bitter again an automotive dream: the vero.

Typical kuhlerbill

The 5.20 meter long fourth door is based on the luxury sedan caprice of the australian general motors daughter holden. Erich bitter developed the silhouette in cooperation with the gm designer georg gallion. The vero is now rounded off by various athletic attributes like a four-tube sport exhaust stainless steel. The typical kuhleer grill from bitter is a tribute to past models.

367 hp drive

Under the noble skin is technique, which also fueled the corvette in a similar shape: a 367 hp six-liter v8 drives the vero to high performance. A funfgang automatic sends the power to the strain. From summer 2008, a six-speed automatic should take the work. The tip is given with 250 km / h. There is no value for the sprint time, such as consumption and co2 outstand,. A coherent contact with the strain is a hr-suspension.

Full equipment included

Inside there is a full leather outfit with colored ceders and an alcantara sky. In addition to all technical features that are in this class, the vero offers, among other things, with a dvd system and the associated monitors in the headstock. For standard equipment, features such as a navigation system, a parking aid, air conditioning and a sunroof. The list of special equipment consists only of a point: the 18-inch rattle can be exchanged by a huge 20-inch tires.

121.975 euros

The bitter vero costs 121.975 euros, the 20-inch raders are available for 4522 euros.