Baden-wurttemberg: computer scientist warn against microsoft 365 at schools

Baden-Wurttemberg: Computer scientist warn against Microsoft 365 at schools

The teacher section in company for computer science (gi) refers to the transit from the baden-wurttemberg cultural ministry for commercial solutions such as microsoft office 365 in the planned education platform as "gross". This was on "all areas" affect such as privacy, democracy education in the digital area, methodology and didactics as well "unity, openness and collaboration".

Open source platform moodle

"It is very important to us that the excellent infrastructure in baden-wurttemberg’s schools will be preserved on an open source basis", constates the body in a now unaval position paper. "Center of a digital school should always be a learning management system really a learning management system." with the already used open source platform moodle, this is available – "including open standards and interoperability".

For the teacher’s group is also questionable, "whether our continuing education and collaboration structures were able to cope with the parallel operation of several systems". Certainly, an additional platform makes sense only if this "an open export and replacement of the produced materials" reliable support. For moodle with the associated video conferencing system big blue button is that "today and in the future the case", for proprietary systems such as those of microsoft "usually not".

"Image damage for our technology country"

The transition to a commercial solution could declared after the 2018 fur failed educational platform ella "the next picture damage for our technology country", warns the company for computer science. Baden-wurttemberg drohe with it "to lose its digital sovereignty in the education system".

With your project, microsoft 365 introduced, move cultural minister susanne eisenmann (cdu) "dunny ice", it is called. Because: "the software collects telemetry data unknown nature and scope." that the legal basis for the summer in the course of the "schrems-ii judgment" have fallen away, "does not seem to have anyone". The cloud-act obliges microsoft in addition, "to break european law" and give this information to us resists.

Open and low-threshold

Even today, sensitive school data was allowed to behave, benefits, health and absence "actually not to be processed on digital terminates of textbooks", constates the gi. "At least the permanent storage must currently take place in the management network of the school." the information now joke in a microsoft cloud, "the problem encounters". The pragmatic episode was allowed to be a ban of such memory emergence: the responsibility is thus "rewalced on textured".

The company for computer science therefore appeals to the state government: "take responsibility – stay open source!" platforms with free software enabled a wide access "regardless of operating system and final apparatus". Even with the mini-computer raspberry pi, schuler could participate in digital school life. The freedom of teaching konne the executive so "also meet at a costly".

Do not stop data outflow

Similarly, the association for the demand of mint teaching (mnu) had previously been uplowered, which for the expert mathematics, computer science, science and technology strong power and "clear against the use of microsoft office 365 tools" at schools is. Even a specially developed data-saving version of the buropaket, as it is to be tested for vocational schools in cooperation with the state data protection officer, is inappropriate: due to us monitoring laws, the use of european servers guarantee no reasonable privacy, as the duty of delivery remains.

The market strategy of the lock-in effect starting at school already implies "a start of the microsoft monopoly and an already dangerous technological dependence of europe from an american company", underlines the mun in his entry to eisenmann. With linux and open source programs of european origin conne of this development. A rethink muse but "fruh start, so at school". Other parent and teacher associations as well as other civil society organizations do not see any place for microsoft on educational institutions.