As intelligence increases, so does drug use

Evolutionary psychologist explains that intelligence has little to do with rational behavior

Satoshi kanazawa is an evolutionary psychologist at the london school of economics. Whether he is always completely serious when he says strange things is questionable; rather, he seems to want to provoke. However, evolutionary psychology is a rather speculative science anyway.

Crack. Image: dea

At present, kanazawa likes to look at what intelligent people tend to do, even if it doesn’t seem very smart. For example, he claims to have found out that people who were more intelligent than the average as a child also drink more alcohol at an older age, are drunk more often and tend to binge drink. Intelligence has nothing to do with living a healthier life, but rather with pursuing evolutionary new behaviors, the psychologist says. And since getting drunk is a new behavior in the history of evolution, the more intelligent people are supposedly more inclined to do it.

This is true for drug use in general. The more intelligent people drink, smoke and consume more psychoactive drugs like marijuana, cocaine or heroin. Opium has only been used for 5000 years, which is nothing in the history of evolution. In addition, opium and marijuana are the only natural "natural" drugs. All other drugs require preparation or chemical manufacturing procedures.

Because the production of drugs also requires intelligence, the consumption of drugs also seems to be related to higher intelligence. This has nothing to do with a sensible way of life or the concern for a long life, but higher intelligence is often connected with doing stupid things. Naturally, one could wonder what the evolutionary psychologist’s concept of intelligence is. In the long run, the heavy drug users were likely to bring about their own demise. This may indeed be a consequence of the orientation towards novelty, which advances evolution if one does not indulge in drug use, but whether this is evolutionarily successful?

Anyway, kanazawa says that according to a long-term british study, children who are more intelligent than average by age 16 also use more drugs at age 42 than those who were less intelligent at 16. Very intelligent children are much more likely to use drugs than very stupid children.

And what do we learn from this? Intelligence is not about doing the right or sensible thing, but about doing the relatively new thing. However, the evolutionary psychologist does not answer the question whether the conclusion that drug users are automatically more intelligent than the average person is correct.