Apple’s fruher hardware boss allegedly focused on ar and vr

Apple's Fruher Hardware Boss allegedly focused on AR and VR

Apple apparently gives gas in virtual reality (vr) and augmented reality (ar). After the group announced at the end of january, that dan riccio, long-term senior vice president (svp) of hardware engineering, leaving his item to itself "concentrate on a new project [to]", first, blorts unclear what he does. Now it is called in a new report that riccio, who is considered a familiar of apple boss tim cook, will work on apple’s headset project.

Expede headset in the pipeline

This writes the financial news agency bloomberg. Apple should plan the introduction of a 3000 us dollar expensive mixed-reality device. It is allegedly outlined with two 8k displays and use more than 12 cameras to capture the environment as well as hand movements, won it a few days ago in a media report. The headset consist of a curved visor and put on a net fabric in the eye area and an interchangeable headband. There should be novel eyetracking technology to always present what the user should see – it will be one "finger hat-art" system tested that the hande.

Model phil schiller

Riccios new task reminds loud bloomberg at the disposal of the important worldwide marketing chief phil schiller last october. The manager in love his high post, but continues to focus on important areas such as app store and public relations. At riccio, it should now be the vr and ar area. Thus, apple’s long-term managers continue to the company.

Riccios old position occupies a long-term manager. Kunftig john ternus carries the title of the svp of hardware engineering. Ternus has been with apple since 2001 and was first in the important product design team tatig. In 2013 he got the title vice president of hardware engineering, which he worked directly under riccio.

Changes of task distribution

Riccio is now managing the team developing the art and vr headsets. The current exporting conductor is the apple vice president mike rockwell, which is allegedly under 1000 employees who worked on two. Apple should also have formed new groups internally.

So a team wandered around screens and camera technology, under the wing of johny srouji, who actually guides the processor’s corporation. Screens and camera technology were previously part of riccios’s portfolio, which shows how important apple seems to be his ar- and vr job now.