Alarm stage red in the forest

Alarm stage red in the forest

Image: lars kroger / cc by-sa 4.0

Sturme, dryness and shadlings set the woods. While aming assaults are discussed in this country, the urwalder burn in siberia. And the amazonian rainforest dies faster than ever

Since last year, around 110 has fallen in germany.000 hectares forest storming and barking cafe to the victim. In 2018 and 2019 alone, 70 million solid meters fell. This is mainly due to the caterpillar frabitated and bleeded by the storm tree.

In order to prevent the insects from infesting the neighboring trees, foster spruces would actually have to be removed from the forest from barking skies. But the capacities are missing. Thus, the association of german woodland owner’s association (agdw) estimates the costs for the removal of the schadholzer to around two billion euros.

Insects and fungi respond very quickly to climate change. In the last 15 years, the sponge and the oak processession spinner have increased explosively. In some regions, their caterpillars eat oaks and other leafbaums completely bald. Normally, the spruce against the cafer defends by making resin. But it needs sufficient water. If there are too little of it, the tree die within a few weeks.

For a reforestation, the forest owners take care of about 300 million tree-plants. This was cost about 640 million euros. In order to recreate the embarrassed walder, forest casting and adapting to climate change, the federal government should pay around 800 million euros, called forest ministers from several federal tags at a meeting in sachsian moritzburg.

"Forest conversion"

Funf percent of the forest coat should be completely undergoing nature, calls for green faction leader katrin goring-eckardt. With the help of a fund in the scope of one billion euros, the forest conversion should be financed in the coming ten years. The federal government is committed to cultivation of natural foliage mixerwalder because these stable and resistant to climate stress are.

At the same time it takes more commitment to climate protection. The outset of greenhouse gases must be reduced, otherwise the mails can not be grabbed to protect the walder. Instead of distributing money gifts to waldgrobkebewer, then greenpeace, moge agriculture minister klockner ask for more prere when exiting coal and internal combustion engine in the federal cabinet.

At the end, no single coal power plant has been switched off since the decision of the coal exit at the end of january. Given the urgency in terms of forest, julia klockner experienced one "national forest summit" on september.

Burning walder in siberia

Even elsewhere it is not the best with the forest. For example, the forest charts in siberia would grow especially blatant this summer. In russian taiga, habitat for many species such as wolf, elk, bar and numerous bird species with central importance for the world climate, burn the walder again every year.

Because in the mostly inadequate forest areas are unoconomic, the russian government ordered loosening work in the previous years not only. But three million hectares of burning forest in the northern taiga – this bursts the framework of all previous siberian forest charts.

Already in the early year, in the region, schwimme forest and steppe compartments, where buildings were destroyed. In june followed a record heat. In many regions of siberia, unusual high temperatures of more than 30 degrees prevailed. Finally, entire regions were flooded with long rainfall with floods that people were died and injured.

Heat and accompanying smoke burdened people additional. During heavy winds, the fire deliberately charged, suffered the inhabitants in jacutia, krasnoyarsk and irkutsk tagelang under shortness of breath. Only when the fire expanded to 3.2 million hectares, the russian regulators reacted. The reactions came too much to spat, criticize greenpeace activists.

Despite the helpers from the united states, the technical relief organization and russian militar tried to break the brande in single-handing. If it does not rain before, it is called, the last brande will be deleted only in the spatherbst.

At the beginning of august, according to greenpeace russia already stood 4.3 million hectares of forest in flames – a flat, coarse than switzerland. Meanwhile, experts skate the fire damage in taiga to more than 33 million euros. The burns set rough amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere free – with appropriate effects on the world climate.

Forest charts in siberia are not abnormal, latif mojib explains from the helmholtzzentrum for ocean research in kiel opposite the ard. Apparently, the huge dimensions are. The causes sees the climate expert in the high temperatures of recent years. The intensity, duration and expansion of the fire also climate researcher elisabeth dietze from the alfred wegener institute in potsdam for particularly dramatic.

In addition, the heat accelerates the thawing of the permafrost floor, which in turn release carbon and methane. Burns the insulating layer of shrubs, lichens and mosses, the always strong heat penetrates into deeper soil layers. Then there is a risk that the ice in the nearby arctic is even faster tale.

About 100 years, the walder need in the north to regenerate, emphasizes the scientist alexander brjuchanov. Provided you have the opportunity. For with increasing climate change, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the growing vegetation, but also for the permafrost, kirsten thonicke explores from the potsdam institute for climate founding research in an interview with the wdr.

Western corporations poses siberian walder

Many brand in siberia should also have been laid to disguise illegal forest rods, it is called. Environmental protection has been complaining of the disease of the agents for a long time. To minimize the abroad of the brande, the local resistances in irkutsk have supposedly even false statistics.

Environmental organizations have been warning for years before carefree use of raw materials and illegal underwoods and complain of blatements against the fire regulations. According to a 2001 greenpeace study, there was only 14 percent in the millennium in the european part of russia (equivalent to 32 million hectares) intact, coarse and unused urwalder. The coarse part thereof is in the far north. Nowhere else in the european russia, urwalder are still present at this extent.

The forest landscape of taiga around the subarctis accounts for almost a third of the world’s forest area. Nearly three percent of it are officially under protection. The rest is exploited by deforestation and timber trade with international corporations. If one believes the information provided by greenpeace, were lost between 2000 and 2013 about 2.5 million hectares of ur forest.

In the boreal needlewaldern have been cooled for decades, rough forest flats, because modern wooden harvest machines are progressing particularly well. The commercial forest industry has sustainably changed the okosystem of the siberian walder.

Heavy forest bands were reported in august from greece and cyprus. For persistent heat and strong winches, around 50 forest band had broken out alone in greece. Thus, from a dense pine forest in near the greek city chalkida 30 meters high staggers were reported. On the greek island euboa it should have given a twelve kilometer fire wall.

Last year, more than 100 people had come across a forest fire nordosphely from athens. Also on the canary island of gran canaria in front of the west custe of africa was drawn in early august a fire on about 1000 hectares of forest flat by sparks bounding welded welcome. Around a thousand people were brought to safety as a precautionary.