A movie like a medusy

A movie like a medusy

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At zeus! – louis letererriers faster "battle of the titans" causes only olympic

The titans, and that’s how it starts, there is not in this movie. No, even with oliver kahn this has nothing to do. You have to really have visited a humanistic high school to know that the titans are those god generation before zeus, around the ancient glosses of the cosmos. Although they are immortal, but flexible, about zeus did the garaut. Because it does not give the titans here, there is no struggle of the titans, but just a few gods, a few semi-godters and, as always in monumental films, many people, much brausing and very much special effects. The mistake of course betrayed a lot about the sloppy-drowsy approach. Nevertheless, all this, a hubscher title and the occupation coup, liam neeson and ralph fiennes should be for the first time since "schindlers list" again on the canvas, even for an interesting film, or? But it does not do it.

Nevertheless, the cinema publisher still eats everything that will be presented by the lenders, aming fats "3 d" on it, and spectacles are distributed before the cinema. Therefore, it surprises only mabig, if reported that "battle of the titans" has set up a new kinore record in 3-d. On the first weekend there was $ 61.4 million revenue and the top spot of us kinocharts. Never before, it is called, have a movie to the two american easter holidays more money in the cash register.

It is amazing, like light and fast and with what pockets, the same people who always complain about too high entrance fees, for the 3-d-schmarrn now suddenly without murring up to one third increased admission fees. It may be that 3-d adds something to the cinema. Noteworthy remains that all of the mouth open with comman, but none of the losses speaks: no magic, no eroticism have these cold inflated films. But man is that already knew kant, carved from crooked wood and has already worshiped ..

To vomiting

Nevertheless, to 3-d in this case still equal to an important concrete note, associated with the popular spoiler warning: who does not want to spoil the dispatch, should make this paragraph better overpresent this paragraph. This film is name, even if he is advertised and all their hopefully cleaned freshly cleaned and disinfected glasses in the cinema, no 3-d movie! He is not turned to 3-d!! Well something like that. Is that allowed overhead? Obviously. The film was first converted to format. Depth scarf is therefore missing, and the so-called "3-d effects" are already technically bad to laughing.

A movie like a medusy

That’s why it’s a good reason when the "berlin newspaper" these days tips "to avoid malaise" gives. Because many spectators complain in the cinema over bad dizziness and tail beams – what you call land-ride seashore. "That can go to vomiting", reports the newspaper worried. And further: "to avoid unwell, experts at the reputation of 3-d films temporarily cover an eye or strike both eyes, or the view of static elements, respectively, the hall blanket, for example." that sounds good. Maybe you just should not go into the movie and instead – to avoid malaise – drink a few beer.

Nevertheless, all are now in "battle of the titans" run. But it can not say anyway, he had not been warned.

The godzilla of ancient

Perseus and andromeda – in principle, it is this march from the ancient times of early greek mythology to which it goes here. For us germans, she still has most seclest gustav schwab in his "say of classical antiquity" post paid: a young half god, fruit of the unfavorable love relationships of the gottervaters zeus, draws to accomplish heroic studies.

Convinced by "jealous" (schwab) and, above all, the other gods who have a chicken with zeus, succeeds in the end, even to defeat the worst, overpassed opponents: that gorgone medusa, whose direct gaze turns into stone, defeated he with the help of a mirror convertible combat sign. And the pitched medusy serves him then to turn the huge seafaring home ketos, a kind of godzilla of antiquity, to turn a for all times, to turn into a rock and thereby rescue the threatened beauty andromeda.

A movie like a medusy

Perseus is by no means a second hercules, a stroke, which is simply stronger than his opponent, but rather a tricky, findiger technician who uses tools and convertible – clearly clear a figure of declaration as she had to fall out of francis bacon.

Cultural history countless is countless in 2000 years the repayments and paintings on the motivics of perseus, but also the andromeda and the medusa. There is also a film adaptation: ray harryhausen "clash of the titans" from 1981, in which at least lawrence olivier as zeus and ursula andress as aphrodite are to be seen – whether this occupation is the movie cult; but also the largest, today-ruhrend absurd stop motion tricks (plastic and cardiac figures were taken up image for image and moved) contribute to the fact that the film is unforgotten.

Housefather zeus

Optimists can now hope that louis leterrier’s harryhausen-remake, the 3-d spectacle "battle of the titans", is able to bring this substance to the computer game generation closer and to make a little educational basis work. In detail, the abstraction performance is not high here: one must accept that there are countless gods, semi-gods and mixing such as gorgons and monsters that their character is no less moody and human-all-zumenschlich, like our own.

They involve and were, drove war against each other. You can see it. Now that all was still meaning and understood if one like lawrence olivier plays the zeus, gives him an intellectual consideration, not only the house dormetum of an x-treat dad that this zeus preserves in the form of liam neeson, which certainly sometimes one as particularly "human" is going to lay out, but actually only blod and bieder is.

Regionechange in the olympus

On the other hand takes up "battle of the titans" not just legitimate talking releases, but just makes what he wants. He makes of interesting, opposed figures average american superheroes with 08/15 ies, a kind of antique league of the extraordinary gentlemen with manner fashion forms, which are also adapted to women – about io, which is therefore less modern in their black grays new-value seriousness is as the hedonistic wild foreign knuckling and -vitious gottinns in the olympus.

A movie like a medusy

Among the good people, as in a commercial film of the us marines, a friendly team without serious conflicts, one does not fight for himself, but wants – how boring – for all people in the sky a regimen imports, prevent the bosen dictator hades and for a good dictator named zeus. And clear where is planed, there are spare. Sam worthington as perseus sees anyway in all his films, as if he had sprung a recruiting clip: a muscle package with naive facial expression, which already falls with the beginning 30 the hair.

Mortal creators, mortal film

Although this film is completely independent of "avatar" it has been shot, there are some remarkable similarities to cameron’s 3-d spectacle: sam worthington (as perseus) plays a being that is half human, half a difference and fell in love with a representative of the other side: the halfgottin io (gemma arterton), who did not look for nothing in the story, but was written in to spice the whole thing a little bit, andromeda appears rather on the edge.

A movie like a medusy

Only the film is also conceivably disinterested in the conceivable and routed his story more chaotically than with any laceable interest – yes, he is even educational, because during each x-any other fantasy spectacle, the figures are at least narrowed and named, one experiences here is not even the names of the gods. A woman with an owl in his hand – who recognizes her really as athena?

Medusa looks like the calvin-klein-model natalia vodianova – dafur without the old charm of harryhausen without computer-formed 2-d tricks. Because that does not believe, many will still go to the cinema, and then it will not pay. That’s why the movie was initially allowed to succeed in succession, then forgotten to sink into oblivion as the monster in the sea.

The viewer remains the same as the olympic. Because good cinema is immortal like the greek heldensagen – "battle of the titans" by contrast, it is as mortal as his creators and actors.

A movie like a medusy

A movie like a medusy

A movie like a medusy