Us prassident bush and the saudi rulers

Bush talked about olpreise, weapon and the peace process in the middle east, the financing of islamist terrorist groups love bush dear

At his tour of the middle east lander made us prassident george w. Bush also stops for two days in saudi arabia. With the saudi konig abdullah was talked about olpneurses, weapons and the peace process in the middle east. The financing of islamist terrorist groups by saudi arabia was not an ie.

Us prassident george w. Bush and konig abdullah bin abdul al-aziz on monday in riad. Image: weibe’s house

For george w. Bush must have been a patience sample to visit in saudi arabia. The man of texas, who preferably shows himself in the cowboy look and likes to give strong words of themselves, stopped diplomatically in the land of the leading eroser exporter. No speech about international terrorism and his boses helpers helpers.

Bush had just had a lot to say to his saudi host konig abdullah. For decades supported donors from saudi arabia islamist terrorist groups. In the 1980s, the fight of the muhadschedin was financed in afghanistan against the soviet union, which was very welcome to the usa then. Only from the support of the afghan guerrilla groups developed a financial network of aid organizations, which still support islamist terrorists. It is no secret that from saudi arabia year for year millions of dollars go to palastic groups. First of all, the radical religious hamas, the strongest opposition to prasident mahmoud abbas, the united states in the peace process with israel.

"If i could just tap my finger to stop the cash flow on terrorists," said stuart levey, which is state-of-terrorism in the us treasury, "goods first of all the financing from saudi arabia."Of the millions donated to saudi aid organizations, a part in iraq should also go to sunni resistance groups. "Without a doubt, money goes to iraq. But also to sudostasien and every other place where there are terrorists."

Numerous welfare institutions that are located in saudi arabia are undergraded by the us government. Among others, the muslim world league (mwl) or the world association of the muslim jugend (wamy), which donate to the palastic hamas, and the international islamic aid organization (iiro), the al qaeda, islamist groups in chechnya and philippines, but the hamas should also be supported.

How much money, wherever is sent, can only be scated. Last figures were submitted in 2002 in a us report to the security council of the un. Within the previous decade, it should have been between 200 and 300 million euros, which were far from saudi organizations and private donors to terrorist groups. With the beginning of the iraq war, it was possible to trade much higher buzzing. The resistance to the us troops and their bonded is cost-intensive. The errangsbelder of some unkempts in iraq are certainly not enough to keep thousands of guerrillas of numerous, ideologically partially different groupings under weapons.

Terrorist on saudi style

For saudi arabia, the support of terrorists, especially in iraq, paid sufficiently paid. In 2002, the konigreich had a budget deficit of 5.5 billion dollars. Only the iraq war, who did the olpreise now on uber 100 dollars, brought saudi arabia again positive numbers. By 2006, the surplus climbed $ 26.2 billion (2004) and 57.1 billion (2005) to $ 70.7 billion. Since you can understand well that saudi resists are reluctant to pursue financiers of terrorist organizations. Magnificent financiers of foreign groups, with local radical-islamist militants are carried out with hard hand.

According to stuart levey from the us treasurer, there was not a single person identified by the us or the un as a terrorist financier in saudi arabia. Among them were three suspects who supported the abu sayyaf group in the philippines. One of them, muham-mad sughayr, was arrested in the philippines 2005, but deported to prere of the saudi embassy in manila to saudi arabia. Nothing was known about a legal proceedings against him.

Three years ago saudi arabia was committed to a commission, which should monitor the funeral flow of beneficial organizations. To date, this commission has not yet begun its work.

Again and again radical islamists are arrested in the consumer. To hundreds are in caught, but will be released again as soon as you complete a re-education program, which is guided by leading clergy. After the converts, the government assisted in social integration. As the saudi newspaper al watan reported, a total of around 200 million euros were paid to ex adafts and their families. The funds served to rejection of debts, to pay health insurance, wedding celebrations or cars. Some even get a monthly apanage of up to 500 euros per month. Former inmates of guantanamo were given about 2000 euros in their return to saudi arabia, which they should spend on and their families.

The top judge of the country, sheik saleh al-luhaidan, was taken in a mosque in 2004 when he encouraged young people to fight in iraq. While the "devilish satellites" has become more difficult to come to iraq, "but those who want to participate in the fight and want to praise the word of god," that should be quiet.

From all us prasident bush mentioned a word on his visit. He just monitors the high price after he had promised konig abdullah’s most modern weapon systems worth $ 20 billion. The us set at saudi arabia as an opponent to iran. In the organization of the orgol exporting lander (opec), the saudi konigreich prevented a change of the olmarkt of dollars to euro, which the us economy was given a review. The us prasident obviously gladly likes to be silent, even if his soldiers are being killed in iraq of weapons paid by saudi geldern.