Tuner vath makes the mercedes c 320 cdi legs

Tuner vath makes the mercedes c 320 cdi legs

Hosbach, 2. November 2007 – the tuner vath makes the mercedes c 320 cdi properly. Above all, this affects the machine: from original 224, 275 hp, from 510 after all, proud 605 newton meters. The sprint to 100 km / h graduates the sedan in only 6.5 seconds – at tempo 260 km / h the v6 diesel is corrected. On the other hand, the series execution looks almost old: 7.7 seconds the factory car takes on tempo 100 and gets at tempo 250 the barrier printed. Despite the increased engine power, the seven-speed automatic should switch lightning fast and gentle, promises the tuner.

19-inch rade

Under the chassis of the sports sedan, the tuners from hosbach built a vath alloy wheel in 19 inches rough. The rims carry a 235er tires and rear 265er pneus. The chassis modifications reduce the mercedes by a few millimeters in the direction of asphalt. To delay the delay, a new sports brake system. Six pistons on the front axle and four pistons on the rear axle terminals 360 or 330 millimeters rough sports brake slices.

New optics for the stuttgart

At the optics is also hurted: the refinement kit consists of a front lip incorporated into the front pods, a rear diffuser, a rear spoiler lip and a boiler grill without mercedes star. Also handled the interior: a seventy-part carbon equipment, new turpins and fibmats complete the c-class.