The patt of bucharest

The showdown stayed out at the nato summit in romania. An end to the differences between the covenant and russia does not mean that

As a militar goods george w. Bush had been disrupted after such a mistake. Because the fight on the nato summit in bucharest was held on a diplomatic parquet, he came with a political damage. Because the us prasident before the meeting already with aggressive rhetoric ("russia has no right of veto") offside manovidated, his opponent from moscow could score with a spoiled tone. "Let’s be friends, people", so wladimir putin.

Despite this theater, the front position between the transatlantic covenant and russia does not other. And because in bucharest no side could prevail, the respective editors to evaluate the result of the meeting of their political orientation. Although putin was able to prevent the easter extension of nato against the us position first. But all leading western representatives were demonstratively stated at the inclusion of ukraine and georgia. The conflict is pushed, not canceled (played differences on nato summit).

Easter extension of nato further open

Originally planned to take the two former soviet states in the membership action plan, for a short map, the nato. Of this, the federal government has spaced the distance in view of the russian resistance. Nato general secretar jaap de hoop scheffer but said he "not the touch of a doubt", that both lander fruher or later be included in the covenant. Similarly, the german chancellor looked. At the same time angela merkel moscow offered a closer dialogue. The nato-russia council should regularly come together regularly to negotiate the existing differences, said the cdu politician.

The need for such a dialogue is undoubtedly. Because not only the advice of nato to the russian influencephare ensures displeasure in moscow. The western support of the kosovar secession (on the way to the cleavage) and the planned us rocket sign are stereotypes. And russia from protest from the western militar policy from the kse treaty extended over conventional waste.

Behind all these compulsive topics from moscow is the expansionist policy of nato. "The emergence of a powerful militar block at our borders was considered in russia as a direct threat to the security of our country", said putin. The use of the conjunctive interested nobody, especially since the russian prasident stood:

Declarations that this is not a threat to our country, are not sufficient. National security is not built on promises.

Wladimir putin

Among other things, he moved to angela merkel. She had previously explained that nato was "against no one judged, certainly not against russia". The political realitat proves the opposite: the fight between russia and the (nato) west around the caucasian room is directly related to securing the energy resources there.

Movement in afghanistan debate

Unity prevailed in the afghanistan question. Russia opened for observers for militar transport to afghanistan. So far, the isaf troops had to be supplied over a much more dangerous route via pakistan.

The youngest escalation in afghanistan jerked nato military use in the central asian state into the center of the bucharester debates. On the prevention of the german defense minister franz josef jung (cdu), a concept of networked security was decided. The combination of offensive military rats and "civil reconstruction" allows the federal government to continue from the handont war in afghanistan. German soldiers remain stationed until further in a quieter north.

That berlin could enforce with this position is a sign for the political anticipation of nato. Dead bundeswehr soldiers in the berlin election year 2009 were the guarantors of transatlantic military policies further weakly weak and impulse the mandars of the war. Also in their warehouse was the german concept of the "networked security" but provide for discussions. For example, the mep of the party had the left, andre brie, in a position paper for the aumpolitic committee of the eu parliament "civil recovery" experimately examined in afghanistan. That these initiatives are part of the crew policy, in bucharest once again became clear and will continue to be controversial in the left warehouse from which the immediate deduction from afghanistan is required.

In a secret paper, which circulated on the summit, re-access scenarios should be discussed. The tarpaulin should come from germany amongwhile.

Tense ratio to russia

How difficult the ratio remains to russia remains, exercises putin’s suspect, which was strikingly written in the german press. So the outgoing prasident said after a message from the moscow news agency ria novosti:

We have dissolved the militia in kamran (vietnam) and on cuba and deduct all our troop units from eastern europe. From the european part almost all grostages were removed. And what did we get? A militar use point in romania, where we are, and in bulgaria as well as bases of strategic american missile defense in poland and the czech republic.

Wladimir putin

Putin also contradicted the political self-presentation of the transatlantic federal government. The thesis of a "democratizing role" nato "over-driven", he said to refer to the example of latvia. In the new nato state, hundreds of thousands of stateless people lived. This condition is condemned by international organizations: "the accession of latvia to nato has nothing changed for all these people."

Once again, putin in bucharest warned a backlog to the un as an international forum. Nato has a significant weight, the main role but had to "the un and the un security council" to play. The nato war against yugoslavia 1999 and the unilateral recognition of kosovo by nato states called putin as "blow against the verkellrecht", to remedy: "the success of our cooperation depends on how much the nato-lander will take into account the interests of russia."

For the russian prasident, it was just like for his us counterpart george w. Bush the last appearance at nato. By the coming year, both politicians will decline.