Seat alhambra: the new model in the driving report

Seat alhambra: the new model in the driving report

Barcelona (spain), 17. September 2010 – whether the marketing department at seat had the spanish beer brand in mind when they christened the alhambra van around 15 years ago, or whether they had the city castle in granada in mind, is not known. Looking at some names (marbella, ibiza, malaga) of the last 25 years, the latter is probably more probable. What is certain, however, is that the second generation is finally coming onto the market, which in turn is closely related to the vw sharan. The new car was available to us for a first extensive test drive on the roads around barcelona.

Longer and wider

After the vw sharan finally got a successor after one and a half decades, it is now also the turn of the seat brand. The first impression: the van has become quite rough. The new alhambra has gained 22 centimeters compared to its predecessor and now measures 4.85 meters in length. There are nine centimeters more in the width, the result is a value of 1.90 meters. In view of such dimensions, some drivers might have problems in underground and multi-storey parking lots, but seat has taken precautions: 480 euros extra cost for front and rear parking beepers in the basic reference version. For the better equipment style is also a rear view camera available. The buyer should definitely not save in the wrong place, because the parking aid makes maneuvering much more comfortable. At the end of 2010, the automatic parking assistant known from the sharan will follow for transverse and long parking spaces.

Rough storage space

The advantages of the xl format become apparent when taking a seat: all occupants enjoy excellent space with almost opulent elbow room. For an additional 1440 euros, the new alhambra comes as a seven-seater, with the third row of seats retractable into the floor. Thanks to the almost rectangular rear roof end, even tall people can sit acceptably in row three and enjoy sufficient headroom. This was not possible with the vorganger. The extra expense is also worthwhile because only the seven-seater offers a continuous flat load floor. With few handles the chair is folded down, out comes a trunk volume of 2297 liters.