Report: mazda builds wankel range extender

Mazda wants to use wankel motors as well as range extender in e-mobile. The head of the drive division, mitsuo hitomi, confirmed this on request from the industry sheet automotive news. A mazda patent that loves on it has been known since marz 2017.

From 2019, mazda wants to offer its first battery electrical car (bev) optional with range extender. The two versions should take into account the requirements of the different market. For japan, europe and china, the bev are intended to stretch cars with range extender for regions like north america with their other routes.

Electromobilitat was no topic for mazda. Recently, however, the japanese automaker, together with toyota and the supplier, joined the joint venture to develop electric car technology.

As a manufacturer of wankel motors for cars to the youngest time (the model rx-8 was set only in 2012, the score of a successor is in circulation) mazda can bring its expertise in this area exclusively into the development of a range extension. Visually lifting piston motors bring these rotary piston drives significant advantages in packaging, weight and smoothness. The well-known disadvantages lie on the areas of efficiency and pollutant.

The last vehicle with wankel range extender did not bring it out of a study stage: in 2010, audi presented an a1 e-tron at the geneva salon. Even studies of development service providers avl and fev already had circle drives in their range extenders. A1 e-tron.