Report: daimler and rwe start coarse attempt with electric smarts

As the financial times and the business week today, daimler and the energy supplier rwe in berlin want to build a network of charging stations for a fleet of electric smarts. Already in 2009, therefore, first models should be delivered to interested customers. The project should be on 5. September presented in the presence of chancellor merkel in berlin.

Daimler supported the plans for such a project on request, but did not want to confirm the detailed information of the two newspapers – they are probably earlier to the public than planned by the company. Accordingly, rwe wants to install a total of 500 charging stations in public parks of the capital, and daimler wants to provide a hundred smarts with electric drive from september 2009 with one interested parties from september 2009. Similar to london, the company puts on a leasing concept, especially since the batteries for the electric car cost several thousand euros.

According to financial times, the range of vehicles is 150 km, the charging of the batteries should cost around 2 euros each. It is particularly interesting that probably a standard for billing of the electricity is to be developed: the computer-controlled "pfasule" should be able to identify the connected cars independently, so that the bonds could be automatically deducted, for example. In addition, a computer in the vehicle will decide when the charging process is done to use, for example, cheap night stream. Therefore, it was a relatively simple step to open the charging station network even for cars of other manufacturers – aming that one agrees to a standard in communication between charging station and vehicle.

Daimler can already access experiences with the operation of electro-smarts in london. The leasing in the english capital costs around 600 euros per month; but in the face of a daily wheel of 12 euros, one still drives it for it. In berlin there is not such a toll so far, the fleet attempt can therefore be (flowed) mainly as a development project, in which the infrastructure for loading the batteries can be tested.

According to financial times, the german companies with their "metropolis project" counterpart of renault-nissan and "project better place", who want to build a network of charging and exchange stations for batteries together in israel and danemark. But the comparison lags something: daimler and rwe define the electric car uniquely as a city car, while renault-nissan provides the exchange of batteries and thus also the possibility of watering through rides electric. In this point, the opinions of those skilled in the art are far apart. For example, vw sets for long-range routes on electric vehicles with internal combustion engine generator – on new german "range extender" – the exchange of batteries can be skeptical there rather.