Project “sun valley”: microsoft should plan coarse ui-refresh for windows 10

Project'sun valley': microsofts soll groberes ui-refresh fur windows 10 planen'sun valley': microsofts soll groberes ui-refresh fur windows 10 planen

A job ad scheduled by microsoft at the beginning of the year 2021, in which a senior software engineer for the windows core user experiences team has been searching for the latest year’s reconciliation of the windows 10-user interface new food since last year.

In the origin catching the now changed job advertisement, it strolled that the engineer in question with microsoft’s platform, surface and oem partners should work on it, one "comprehensive visual rejuvenation" to lead the way from windows. The review should signal microsoft’s customers that windows "be back" and customers in comparison to the competition the best user experience pour.

Some us media interpret these formulations as "official confirmation" for a scheduled review of the windows 10 user interface. In fact, microsoft has become possible reconstruction seals, insiders internally under the project name "sun valley" run, but so far but not upty.

Project'sun valley': microsofts soll groberes ui-refresh fur windows 10 planen'sun valley': microsofts soll groberes ui-refresh fur windows 10 planen

Leak "sunset valley"-screenshots should convey a first impression of possible design / ux changes.

Sun valley: possible changes at the user interface

Us journalists with contacts with microsoft employees reported on the project in october 2020 "sun valley", the conversion of the user interface (windows user interface, windows ui) of windows 10 to the goal. The project is based on the windows devices and experiences team of panos panay, chief product officer and responsible for windows 10 and surface development.

The review of the windows 10 startmenus, the notification center and the file manager is planned. The aim is a consistent, modern design with improved animations and some new features. Start menu and notification center of windows 10 should therefore benefit from the experiences of designing these elements in windows 10x. Furthermore, an update of the taskbar with a modern program code is planned.

For tablet users are working on better animations and one "river" user experience. Results at least those work in the windows insider dev channel is already visible and testable: first insider builds show changes to the on-screen keyboard and the emoji selection. It also indicates that microsoft ui elements seeks with rounded corners in apps and in the shell. The continuing support of dark mode is still on the agenda.

Release probably in the fall

In view of the previously outstanding benefit microsoft is currently open whether, when and in what form "sun valley" ultimately get to the systems. According to the cling, first drafts could be tested from february 2021 with windows insiders. The release was probably expected to the end of the "cobald"-development branches in the fall of 2021 to be expected, which was then equal to windows 10 21h2.

Microsoft’s efforts to transform the user interface from windows 10 form a constant in the history of the operating system. Some amendments in the past were purely cosmetic nature and hardly fell on, but others led to violent collateral damage. To the latter you can pay the reconstruction seals on the windows search and at the startmenu, which caused over months violent bugs with striking windows search or no longer stapling start menu.

Parallel to the project "sun valley" according to insiders, the project should "monarch" running, in whose frame microsoft developers work on a completely new outlook app. You’ll find more about it here: