New ix tutorial: azure stack hci

New IX Tutorial: Azure Stack HCI

If you are looking for a performance and at the same time not too expensive hyperconvergent infrastructure furs data center, microsoft’s azure stack hci should look closer out. A new tutorial of the current september-ix explains how companies can exhibit their classic 3-animal architecture.

The first part of the tutorial is based on the basics: azure stack hci compiles hyper-v, storage spaces direct and software-defined networking, which runs on certified hardware. Under the hood, the server 2019 datacenter edition can be found as operating system. Storage and clusters can be configured according to their own requires.

For system administration, microsoft’s windows admin center or powershell are used. However, a service contract is also available for support. Furthermore, microsoft also offers version 20h2 from the fall of 2020. It enforces a connection to the azure cloud and can be fully managed via the azure portal. However, the classic edition is not written off: even without cloud compulsion, you receive support by 2029.

The second part of the tutorial in the coming ix 10/2020 enters the different ways to build up a test environment. More information about azure stack hci find readers in the article.