Network agency: construction of current roads is progressing

Network Agency: Construction of current roads is progressing

The prasident of the federal network agency, jochen homann, sees the construction of the coarse north-sud electricitytrass in germany on a good way. For the wires suedlink (by schleswig-holstein to suddeutschland) and southostlink (by saxony-anhalt to bavaria), the federal specialist planning was completed. "The corridors in which the lines are to be relocated are therefore", homann said the german press agency. In the now the planning approval procedure now "the meter-sharp course set". About the so-called electricity motorways, the wind stream produced mainly in the north should be transported in the south.

Nordlink in operation

An important milestone in grid expansion is already managed in the north. There nordlink connects the electricity markets of germany and norway. The approximately two billion euros expensive project went regularly a few weeks ago and is officially inaugurated on this thursday by chancellor angela merkel and minister presentess erna solberg. Nordlink extends between wilster in schleswig-holstein and tonstad in norway and is a total of 623 kilometers long, 516 kilometers of which are on the ground of the north sea.

About the electricity road, depending on the production and requires wind power to norway or in the opposite direction electricity from hydropower to germany. The huge water reservoirs of norway can thus serve as indirect storage for excess german wind energy. In return, germany can compensate for any supply by wind power through hydropower from norway. The capacity of the cable is given with 1400 megawatts. Thus, according to tennet, more than 3.6 million households can be supplied with electricity.

Norwegian-german street nordlink

Network Agency: Construction of current roads is progressing

drilling device on the land-side construction site furnishing surface in the context of the hdd drill for the lowering of the state reserve at busum.

Construction with delays

When planning the north sud current roads, it had given delays, especially because politics had decided after violent burger protests to build them as an earth cable instead of overhead line up electricity poles. "That was a real decision, but has made a completely new planning necessary", homann said.

In the meantime, however, further delays are distinguished, as evidenced by the federal network agency’s monitoring report. For suedlink, the completion of 2026 was able to move to the year 2028. Whether it comes, but from the point of view of homann but not fixed. "Whether that really comes, we will see", said the prasident of the federal network agency. He goes on, "that the previously desired commissioning data are complied with". The new air conditioning law will not remain without consequences for grid expansion, said homann. "Spared climates mean nothing other than additional need for electricity transport." what that means exactly for leadership construction, but not yet foreseen. The next from the concrete decisions of politics, about it, "where electrolyzers are built for hydrogen production".