Macbook and ipad production in vietnam: factory comes for $ 270 million

MacBook and iPad production in Vietnam: Factory comes for $ 270 million

Apple relies on vietnam as a second central production site in asia. According to corresponding reports from the past fall, the efforts concretize now. The main commodity manufacturer of the group, the taiwanese producer foxconn alias hon hai precision industry, will build a coarse factory for a total of $ 270 million in us dollars.

Foxconn basically extra a new daughter named fukang technology, which is responsible for the construction. According to the news agency reuters is the building permit from the vietnamese state now.

Foxconn takes billions in the hand

The production is to be created in the province of bac giig. Foxconn had previously invested 1.5 billion dollars in vietnamese production lines, another 700 million are to be filled with. In addition, according to a government announcement is planned, 10.000 to set more local workforce.

It is planned that fukang technology produces a total of 8 million notebooks and tablets per year. Although it was not explicitly informed that these are for apple – such quantities hardly takes a different company. In addition, there have been appropriate clearly suggested that apple foxconn has prompted apple foxconn to shift parts of vietnam production to vietnam. The number is still significantly lower than the output from chinese factories, but was a very considerable beginning.

Risks in china

The dependence of china as the main production site is increasingly a risk for the group, messages about a shift of parts of production have circulated for a long time. Apple always emphasizes that the supply chain is already distributed in many different countries, a coarse part of final assembly – but also the iphone – but still takes place in china. Added to this is a large concentration of suppliers, which the central components for iphone and co. Deliver.

In vietnam, airpods are already manufactured in addition to macbooks and ipads – more precisely the pro models. This is done by the finished luxshare. This also sits around in bac giang. However, there was recently criticism of working conditions, which apparently did not meet apple’s standards.