Kraftfahrt-bundesamt receipt girls for exhaust tests

The plan of the federal office federal office (kba) for a separate prufzentrum take concrete shape. From harrislee to the danische border, the kba wants to recognize from 2017 after the experiences of the exhaust fraud possible manipulation of carshakes. In the small community near flensburg, the federal institute for real estate tasks (bima) has already on the 11th. January a roughly 6000 square meters of ground but bought in a commercial area, as a bima spokesman announced. On the grand country has so far a checkstelle of the tuv.

If the property is paid and rewritten in the land register, it should go over the property of the bima. "This will then rent the property to the federal office of association, which will set up an exhaust prouflabor," explained the speaker. The kba would – after reconstruction acceptance – expected to move in this year ". The purchase price did not call the bima on request.

In the laboratory, the kba wants to check the exhaust gases of randomly selected vehicles to make tampering better and faster. For these "doping tests", the author had already purchased two mobile measurement and test systems in the fall of 2016. The pems geras (portable emission measurement system) attached to the trunk of cars examine the exhaust systems in normal driving on the strain. The office wants to rent the cars for that.

"With the purchase of the gel you can now realize your own prudders," a spokesman for the federal traffic minister alexander dobrindt (csu) confirmed the acquisition, about the previously flensburger tageblatt and flensborg avis had reported. The tests dobrindt already had almost a year ago in an interview of the picture newspaper announced. "These additional exams should help to restore playful confidence in the automotive industry through the vw scandal," he said then.

So far, the kba had to access external service providers such as tuv or dekra when assessing exhaust values. Experts had criticized possibilities between them and automakers.

How and when exactly the kba uses the landing and perceived the local plants, the ministry of ministry did not want to say with reference to the not yet completely completed procedures. The holder of the family-fused tuv established the sale and the planned task of his company with age bearings. "Currently we are still active in operation," he said.