Jaguar xk: modell care for coupe and cabriolet

Jaguar xk: modell care for coupe and cabriolet

Schwalbach / new york city (usa), 21. April 2011 – the jaguar xk receives a facelift from autumn 2011. Both the coupe and the cabriolet are then recognized at a redesigned front part. In addition, a new top version called the xkr-s the range of offers expands. For the first time, the overarched xk series on the new york international auto show, from 22. April to 1. May 2011 is open.

Front is adjusted to xj and xf

The narrower headlamps are supposed to jerk the xk visually close to the xj as well as the above-mentioned xf. As with the two siblings, there are now also the two-right sports car led inserts for the daytime running and low beam. There are also a larger grille as well as modified stobbar. The stitch grill of the xk is held in chrome, in the sportier xkr against matt black. For all variants, the previously vertical air outlet slot is replaced at the front feet flying by a horizontal opening. The trunk lid now adorns a slimmer chrome strip. This created analogous to the other models space for the brand emblem in the form of the jumping patrol.

Xkr-s: fastest serial jaguar

In xkr-s, the known from the xkr and there 510 hp v8 compressor motor proud 550 hp. From auben, the new top version is replaced by a defined stobbar. With a highest speed of 300 km / h and an acceleration of 4.4 seconds from zero to 100 km / h, the variant is the current fastest series jaguar. The shaguar’s xkr-sr-serienmable shoguar offers jaguar as well as the high-performance exhaust system in an optional "dynamic pack" also for the xkr. Which so far only for the xkr models retrospective "black pack" is still reasonable for all xk versions with the suction motor. This package instead of normally contains chrome-covered details, including the 20-inch rims, a matt black finish. In the black pack for the xkr, additional aerodynamic attachments in body color and optional side fonts are included.