Gm wants to sell the hummer brand of suvs quickly

According to a report by industry publication just-auto the all-terrain vehicle brand hummer is about to be sold. According to the report, gm manager fritz henderson had said during a visit to india that they wanted to complete the sale as quickly as possible. Until the end of 2008 it should work, but with a sale at the beginning of 2009 one would be also content. It is too early to name possible buyers, but there are "a number of interested parties".

Fritz henderson also said he expects the u.S. Auto industry to face significant challenges for some time to come. The number of vehicles sold in the u.S. Could fall to 16 million in 2008, two million fewer than in 2007. Whether the bottom has already been reached, the manager cannot answer. The top priority now is to get the north american auto business moving again and to continue investing in emerging markets such as india and china.

Back in june, gm ceo rick wagoner had put the hummer brand up for grabs. Also in june, european ceo carl-peter forster had prepared his employees for difficult times in a company blog. Modern gasoline engines, clean diesel engines, downsizing in combination with turbocharging, mild and full hybrids, biofuels, but also the fuel cell are technologies that gm has to push forward. This will not be easy for gm: only two weeks ago, gm together with ford and chrysler asked the government for stronger financial support. The sale of hummer can contribute only little to the financial recovery – even if there are solvent interested parties from the middle east, as the manager responsible for this region, terry johnson, revealed according to just-auto. But gm can certainly no longer afford a loss-maker. Maybe hummer will become the exclusive small series manufacturer, other coarse series manufacturers were rather allowed to wave off.