Driving report: honda accord with diesel and 5-speed automatic

Driving report: honda accord with diesel and 5-speed automatic

Mainz, 16. December 2008 – since the summer of 2008, the eighth generation of the honda accord in this country as a limousine is obvious, in september was followed by the "tourer" named combination version. For both, two gasoline engines with 156 or 201 hp as well as a 2.2-liter diesel with 150 hp conservation. Now honda also offers the self-toe with an automatic, which has so far been reserved for gasoline. We have the new combination that is consulted from the beginning of 2009 in an accord tourer 2.2 i-dtec tried.


The automatic transmission has funf driving steps. Who thinks nowadays, these were one to two progress too little, it reminds that the accord is not in the top but in the middle class. There are funf stage automatic transmissions still widespread, which occupies the weaker variants of the volvo s60, the saab 9-3 and even the mercedes c-class. Even four-speed machines are still offered, for example in citroen c5, in the hyundai sonata or in peugeot 407. A peculiarity of the access with automatic is that the gearbox can also be controlled on the steering wheel on the steering wheel. On the other hand, on the election lever in the center console there is no switching possibility.

Tagbar, but not unpleasant

With the new engine gearbox combination, the accord ride well. The automatic gear changes are laceable, but do not fall unpleasant. The diesel derived from 140 hp diesel in the civic is pleasingly quiet with its piezo injection dusks, but remains clearly recognizable as a self-cord. For this he also offers the diesel-typical virtues like a fleet drive – at 350 newton meters torque no wonder.